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Reply #62: Actually, where do you get off putting words in my mouth? [View All]

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Wilms Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-25-08 09:44 PM
Response to Reply #57
62. Actually, where do you get off putting words in my mouth?
I'm well enough aware of the problems in PA, as I am aware of those in other states. I did not diminish the importance of PA. Contrary, I pointed out that other states, including ones with paper are no less vulnerable. If you disagree with that you can state your point of view on the matter.

Despite the foul language, it's not clear to me that everyone "knows that you need to audit". It's quite clear that the idea of a statistical, risk-based audit, is not well understood. And why would you accuse me of being a broken record relative to the need for proper audits if it's OK for posters to complain about DREs and Pennsylvania's plight? If you disagree with any of that you can state your point of view on the matter.

My ego doesn't need your pumping, especially because I had little to do with Holt's bills demise. It killed itself three times. We agree that the forum is not listened to by Congress. It's apparent that Congress didn't really listen to anyone in the movement. So what's your point apart from an attempted insult?

As a self-described lurker, you've had adequate opportunity to get a sense of my position on it, but from your assumption as to my inclinations toward HCPB, its apparent you've missed the mark. Of course relying on Kster responding to me on a thread to gauge where I'm at might not be the best analytical approach. A lot of folks are at each other's throats over Holt so you may as well come after mine. Personally, I found the supporters and detractors overstating reality. Perhaps there are those on either side angry with me for that. So be it. I'd rather be accused of something I actually said than what one imagines.

As far as my "lecturing" of Demodonkey, feel free to correct any and all mistakes that I may have made. In my replies to her I pointed out what I thought was inaccurate. So if I got it wrong, feel free to offer a correction. But try to cut out the name calling. And get off the idea I have no right to comment, as such a position asinine on it's face. And try not to assume that a McCain win in November is the fault of the members of this forum. That's as over the top as a number of your posts and a waste of member's time to read it.

If all Demodonkey did was point out that PA going down would be a bad thing, she's also wasting time. There are plenty of states and groups of states in that boat. You'll just have to pardon the wider scope of my concern. You may think PA is underplayed, but it may well be that the states reliability for Democratic presidential candidates during the last four cycles has had that effect.

Demodonkeys focus on PA, reliance on the possibility of the Fed saving it, and her tendency to personalize the struggle I happen to find a bit unnecessary. Too Much Personal Information. I think she can feel free to not let us know about personal finances, or her mother's and brother's health because it really has nothing to do with the topic. And after hearing TMPI time and again, and few inaccurate and overblown comments I feel as though it is being inappropriately used to sway people. She's not the only one who does that, but many others work very hard without pulling that kind of trip.

Now, we do agree that this forum has gone down quite a bit over the years. And I'm sorry that you view me as part of it's decline. Don't forget that a plethora of "lists" have been started, draining activity here. But I would hate to think that I stood in the way of productive discussion. I can imagine those promoting exit polls as a means for securing elections would agree with you, however. And a blathering HCPB fan might also. Not to mention those who come through here periodically with the latest unifying theory of election theft in OH. They come. They go. You know that as well as I. I was among those who preferred the idea of the "Voting Systems" forum. But as you'll recall there were a lot of emotions on display as people argued to name the forum about OH2004. It effectively became the exit poll forum for some time, and earned a reputation of tinfoilhattery as a result. It hasn't recovered.

No United, you're just plain angry with me. That was clear when you first started posting here in response to my criticism of the position Bo Lipari and some of the NYVV board members were pushing. And that's totally within your rights. But I think we'd both feel better if the distaste was based on facts.

So then, why don't you, point for point, argue with my positions instead of showing up only to tell me what a bad guy you think I am? As I recall, I and a few others tried having a substantive conversation with you and you decided to not respond.

You willing?

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