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m berst Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-14-04 03:32 AM
Response to Reply #20
34. let's dissect this
Edited on Sun Nov-14-04 03:34 AM by m berst
I shouldn't respond to this, but it is such a work of art that I thought it might be useful to analyze. NLP in action!

"Who would believe a bunch of juveinal deliquents?"

This opening sentence gets the post off to a good start. It implants idea of "a bunch of juvenile delinquents" in the reader's mind and couples it with "who would believe..." implying that the reader would have to be pretty deranged to believe (any of)this. Clever work. It could have said "welfare queens" or "crack heads" just as easily. It uses a common technique now used in what passes for reasonable discourse - the creation of an artificial and automatically discredited group that the writer or speaker is supposedly assigned to, so that anything they say is suspect regardless of its worthiness. The real irony of this is that it flies, while the statement "who would believe anything George Bush says given his track record for falsehoods" does not. So a real person, with real evidence of their untrustworthiness is given the benefit of the doubt, while a person arbitrarily given membership in some made up group presumed to be unreliable is not. There is a lot being said in this sentence.

"<i>Adjusting tin foil hat</i>"

This is pretty obvious. The unanswerable charge. It shuts down any and all detailed analysis, since it is impossible to prove any point without developing and communcating a theory and this pre-emptively discredits all theories. I have a theory as to how bread gets to my table. If I tried to explain that to you, and you had already been told that I was wearing a tinfoil hat, you might dismiss my explanation of how farmers and millers work cooperatively, and then bakers and truck drivers get involved - it is a massive conspiracy!!

"Okay when I first read this I thought that the HAD to be kidding, 'This is rediculolus.' "

First read it, middle read it, and last read it. "First read it" suggests (falsely) that the poster started on this "venture of truth-seeking" with an open mind.

"But who would they have more power over than kids who are prisoners?"

Just confusion and distraction here.

"Who would believe that anything they might have to say was anything more than a grandiose dream or nightmare?"

Now we introduce more self-supporting statements as though they were actually a logical train of thought. "They" have been established by the opening sentence to be unreliable, regardless of what they say. Now we further dress them up with "grandiose dream" and "nightmare" to advance the mental picture being created in the reader's mind.

"But why would they need the kids?"

Yeah!!! Explain that one! At this point in the post, one little piece of the article is pulled out that can be, in isolation and out of context, harped on and used to disprove the whole thesis. We can see that happening now out of the RNC on the Florida panhadle counties.

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