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Jeff Fisher - sounding real and real scary... Reader Beware [View All]

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jsamuel Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-14-04 02:32 AM
Original message
Jeff Fisher - sounding real and real scary... Reader Beware
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Edited on Sun Nov-14-04 02:58 AM by jsamuel
I suggest not sending this to the media yet. It is still very sketchy.
Thanks to Activism over at

From Jeff Fisher personally sent tonight...

"Please tell everyone that Jeff Fisher will not give up. I am posting a
letter that I sent to Ralph Nader today on my website. The letter is only
changed to protect the sender( who is afraid of being put in harms way) (the
FBI, Ralph Nader, Al Sharpton and Russ Baker of The Nation know the senders
name.) Its time that John Kerry and the DNC realize that this election was
stolen and Americans were virtually raped of their voting rights. The
website is "


"Re: xxxxxx (the Sender) see article
Cover-Up of 2000 and 2004 Florida Vote Continues
(Press release, and 11-1-04
For more statistical info, visit and click on the link labeled Surprising Florida Presidential Election Results. The data reveals that the election results are inverted/cross-party voting.

On July 27, 2004 xxxxxx showed me an email dating from 1999 which stated that a successful run of posting felons names to electronic voting went without any problem and leaving no audit trail. Mr. xxxxx also showed me information that it was done during the 2002 Florida Gubernatorial Democratic Primary as well. (Visit and click on link labeled Thank you Michael Moore from Jeff Fisher and Thom Hartmann). He then told me that due to this success and the improvement of programming that it would probably be used in the General Election on November 2, 2004. This was relayed to me on July 27, 2004 in the mid afternoon in a parking lot leading from a McDonalds to the local county library in the Kendall area of Dade County. He also mentioned to me that he was living in fear. He believed his family might be killed if they found out that he gave this information to anyone. I tried to get this information to John Kerry on many occasions through Charles Figley. All attempts were fruitless.

Additional information:
Regarding conversation with xxxxxxx

xxxx also told me that day (July 27, 2004) that hardware and software for voting systems such as Sequoia, ES&S and Diebold could be compromised via computer coding (source) that was perfected at Bay Point School(s) and other locations throughout the United States over the past few years. This was learned by the interception of inter office emails that were located within the computer network and hard drives. Mr. xxxxxx informed me that he was hired to secure their Internet and Intranet system. During this time of securing the system he became aware of pertinent information that was not erased from the system regarding the production and development of computerized manipulation procedures to use on a national level for the 2000 general election. He told me and showed me that the 1999 email verified that a test run was conducted for Florida only, and was a great success due to hiding any visible audit trail verifying the posting of votes from the felons list. He also told me that the purpose for the casting of votes by felons without leaving an audit trail was the easiest method because they knew that no one would be looking at the list with interest as a possible form of voter fraud. The perpetrators knew that it was going to disenfranchise thousands of voters throughout the state of Florida. When I asked him how that would be accomplished he said that would be done by computer source coding that would appear random to the average person yet it was to create under and over voting and create a bias toward a specific candidate. I was unable to attain these documents because, as xxxx explained, someone had been killed and he felt it could happen to him also or to his family. xxxxxx told me that he informed Dr. Piotr Blass of these facts and that they had yet to find someone whom they could trust with this information. He also said that he would, over time, show me more if I could prove myself to be reliable, loyal and trustworthy to Dr. Blass.

Later on during our conversation xxxxx showed me another email memo dated after the 2002 Florida Democratic Primary (Mid to late September) stating that the felons procedure was a success in the election of Bill McBride over Janet Reno and Darryl Jones. xxxxx also told me that he had recently read an email that he could not show me for security reasons and the threat of possibly being killed. According to xxxxx, this email would reveal new electronic procedures that were being perfected in other facilities out of state and would possibly be implemented in the General Election this fall. I asked xxxx what it was and how it could be done. He said that it was an intricate network that has been developed since the mid 1990s and it would take place in several states to divert attention from a centralized location.

In August, Dr. Blass informed me that he knew that xxxxx had knowledge of how the coding was being distributed throughout the United States due to xxxx being the MIS Director at Baypoint School. He told me that xxxx had revealed this information to him in bits and pieces in the early part of 2004 (Jan-March) via personal contacts at Baypoint. Dr. Blass also told me he was friends with Joe Klock even though he was made aware that Mr. Klock was allegedly having sexual relations with some of the male students.

During the month of October Dr. Blass was asking via email and on radio for financial support to free his son from Growing Together (see Rense article). His efforts were fruitless until approximately ten days before the General Election. Dr. Blass even had me advertise on my own website that if they contributed to my campaign I would donate 10% to the David Lopez Blass Defense Fund. Dr. Blass had my communications manager, Al Rogers, living in his home for several days promoting a petition to free his son, which would be given to Governor Jeb Bush. On Monday October 25, 2004, Dr. Blass informed me that he no longer needed Als services or mine, for that matter, because he had Joe Klock assisting him in the release of his son, and that he had received the needed funds. When I asked him from whom he received the funds he first stated to me that it was none of my business. Then, a few minutes later he told me his brother provided the funds, but to not tell anyone.

In late October, Dr. Blass informed me, while at Key College (Dania Beach, Florida), that he had spoken with xxxx again and that more information had been obtained as to how Bay Point School was getting additional funding for computer training and equipment in 2001 and 2003. Dr. Blass thought that it was interesting as that Ambassador Sembler was a key factor in funneling funds to Bay Point School via Joseph Klock as well as to Connie Mack and Michael Bilarakis. I asked him how he knew this and he told me that xxxx had told him in April or May of 2004.

Russell Baker (Nation Magazine) has interviewed Mr. xxxx on Nov. 12, 2004 and had Mr. xxxx verbally confirm that there is documentation regarding election fraud. Mr. Baker can be contacted at 917-907-2433."

Jeff Fisher has been in contact with officials, law enforcement, BBV and numerous investigators.....The evidence he has officiallized shows Peter Blass knew about the underground hacking schools, and out of loyalty to Rove and Klock would not come forward with it......Due to losing his senate seat and carreer Blass is coming out of the shadows...
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