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Reply #261: Who Is really in charge? Is it Burch, Kimberlin, and Rivero? [View All]

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uwilllosedu Donating Member (13 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Oct-24-08 05:23 AM
Response to Reply #255
261. Who Is really in charge? Is it Burch, Kimberlin, and Rivero?
Hey Mark, maybe a solution is for you to stay off of their threads. You could start a new thread of your own linking to their points. I think these folks wish to be able to have a conversation, do research together without your input. Maybe that can be the solution?

Picture yourself having a political science get together after a seminar, in the student union. But then some people at the next table, they are actually true activists who keep butting into your conversation. Of course, they have the right to speak in any public place. So perhaps you could always move across the room. But what if they keep following you? Do you have the right to have them removed from the public building? Of course not.

Don't you see? These people don't want your input. just like you wouldn't want those on the right side of history telling your students that they should get their heads out of the status quo and get to protesting. That is what is going on in this forum.

Now I want to clarify what I said about perhaps Hertzberg not being a big deal. I meant that in the big scheme of things, he has been merely one disinformation astroturfer on the internet. He is merely a part of the puzzle.

Now why would Brad cover this story up, especially when it was Fintan Dunne who was throwing him under the bus? Fintan also called Bev Harris a 9/11 CIA rat. Steven Hertzberg was a full member of a forum calling Bev Harris a 9/11 CIA rat.

Then there is Brett Kimberlin. He apparently bankrolls RawStory and BradBlog. Where did he get his money? How does a convicted bomber get characterized as being a political prisoner by Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story?

Then there is Ben Burch. Did he really do something wrong and had to leave? Did you ever google his name? Did you know he was all over wikipedia, or that he in fact has had as strange an internet presence as anyone?

And what about his close friend Andy Stephenson with the ties to Mike Vreeland?

And how does David Benjamin Burch being a member of the jref randi debunking forum not have something major to do with the structure of the 9/11 forum here?

We can keep going.

Why does an alleged left of center website run by a former member here have close ties to disinformation agent Michael Rivero AND the Velvet Revolution?

You want more?

That person is also tied in with a Jeff Wells who runs his own disinformation pit. He voted yes in a racist poll here a while back. You want more?

You say I don't know what the word progressive means. Who's more of a progressive sir, Howard Zinn or Howard Dean? Ann Richards or Nancy Pelosi?

Have you ever heard of cointelpro? Have you ever heard of right woos left? Have you ever heard of a man named Willis Carto? Did you know that Markos Zuniga was a big fan of Ronald Reagan and that he very well might be a full member of the CIA?

Do you think Harry Reid is a progressive?

All indications are that Ben Burch is a kingpin in promoting disinformation all over the internet. True progressives have been getting the squeeze.

One thought I am having. What if a large amount of anonymous people decided that the student unions were being unduly monopolized by the historically conservative, political science departments? Could they not as students or in this case, if they had access to computers, could they not overtake any forum that decided to give the squeeze to true progressives?

I was reading an article on the anonymous guy from Boston. It was quite interesting. People asked him why he would keep going after the Church of Scientology, what with their huge bankroll to fund lawsuits and whatnot. He said, to paraphrase, that he didn't care, that the more they pushed their cult on victims, that the more they pushed him and the other anonymous folks, that he felt even more determined to fight back and win.

That's the same feeling I have. The more the Hertzbergs, Burches, Riveros and Tinoires of the world have attacked me, the more I have been determined to expose them. Same thing with the Brad Kimberlin Larisa cover up. Now, did you notice how once you showed me a bit of love, I returned the offer?

This is my declaration that the fight is on for the hearts and minds of the blogosphere. I will not quit until the true nature of astroturfing has been 100% exposed. It is the least that can be done for the newbies and fence-sitters.

the people united will never be defeated

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