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Reply #259: Thanks for the dialogue and bit of closure [View All]

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DoNotLie Donating Member (5 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-23-08 08:12 PM
Response to Reply #258
259. Thanks for the dialogue and bit of closure
He told me he the interview got lost or it was missing or something. Perhaps he can sneak back in here, too, and explain himself. Didn't he also misrepresent you as being Pelletier of Diebold?

This may all be a rabbit hole, but there seems to be a need to figure it out. Of all those millions of attack threads on Bev Harris, where is the proof other than of a seemingly coordinated smear attack. You see, now that I realise you are at least a middle of the road Dem or Libertarian- voting Kerry, Nader, that you say you have never been a registered Republican, it makes me feel that Bozos was yanking my chain. It makes me want to know more about Bozos and what exactly he has been up to on the internet. I want to know more about Mace, Bev, etc..

I totally accept your Rick Brady explanation. Some of my best conversations have been with polite conservative academics who respected myself as coming from the historic left. Have you heard of C. Wright Mills? or the Frankfurt School of Critical Thought? That is where I am coming from.

I think you are referring to the Rob pelletier character, the NC Beach person. There is an extensive pdf which seems to back up Bozos and Bev Harris on that one. He had 154 posts or so here and was fully wrapped into the Bashing of Bev brigade.

In the Dungeon, it came out yesterday that he had accused a longtime poster here named SeemsLikeADream of being one of the fake progressives who blame everything on "The Joos." If you ever want a diversion, take a look into Willis Carto, Michael Rivero, and many others spreading right woos left propaganda. A lot of the crazy stuff circulating on the internet can be traced back to insidious elements.

I'm not saying the Hertzberg thing is a most vital story to figure out, but seeing that only myself and perhaps ModMom ever wondered about him, there's no way to take it any further. I will just say that there appears to be something beyond how you are viewing him.

As for disinfo and all these rabbit holes, I can understand how it is not your cup of tea. That doesn't mean there isn't anything to what "tinfoilers" like me are suggesting about a rigged internet. I think there is just so much going on in the world, the information overload, that there are limits to how any two or more people can have tight discussions. Thus, I understand how you got frustrated with what seemed like I was going off on tangents.

I got banned as SocraticTruths in early 2007. I have tried to get feedback. I have tried to go the proper channels. I feel this is an injustice. I just want them to have the decency to treat me like a human being and if we can reach some kind of understanding, then so be it, I'll go away and that'll be that.

But based on how others in the dungeon keep breaking rules and never get tombstoned, this feels like an injustice.

They really need to stop deleting. They should keep up the proof for the banning. Otherwise, their credibility becomes jeopardized. How are some of us not to think there could be some plants for moderators? Either shut down that "conspiracy theory" section, or start applying clear rules across the board.

Think what you want about "chemical trails," but it doesn't look right when the most level-headed poster researching them is banned, while the obvious cranks are allowed. It then looks like a controlled script between closed-minded debunkers and crazy believers.

There is some major trolling going on in that section. I can prove that I have been attacked all over the internet. Maybe someone can ask an admin to email with me a bit. I'll stop posting. I just want a chance to obe reinstated with my original name. If I'm gonna be banned, I want it to be for a transparent reason. This feels very unjust.

If they can't show why I was banned and how it was so different from things others post all the time without getting banned, that is unjust.

You should check out the new "weather mitigation" bills put out by Hutchison and Udall. The ptb's are calling climate change a matter of national security. Two network affiliates have put out reports on this topic, KNBC Los Angeles and KSLA Louisiana. I'm sure there are folks on this very thread who would come out and support me, but they don't want to be perceived as kooky.

Take care. Good luck. Thanks for the kind thoughts.
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