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USofFascism Donating Member (31 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-22-08 10:33 PM
Response to Reply #252
253. It's worth something
I think your problem is an inability to understand how the last two elections shaped history. There is real anger out here. You have already admitted elsewhere, unless I am mistaken, that the elections may have been rigged, even if you don't believe there is proof that is what happened.

Or look at it this way, please, Ronald Reagan said we would never deal with terrorists. Yet, there he was dealing with both the Iranians and the contras. Our freedoms have been systematically dismantled. Our country and the world, in fact, is on the edge of economic collapse. My point is, if Ronald Reagan could be such a hypocrite and cause such sadness through criminal activity..... if the WHIG and this illegal war could cause so much misery..... then there is your probable cause that such people probably did steal those elections. Karl Rove had Siegelman put in prison. Gonzales and Yoo declared torture as legal. The list is endless how corrupt our country has become. I'm not trying to chatter your head off, but the bottom line is that our present leadership is full of ruthless killers. If they are so insensitive to the plight of masses of people, then indeed they are not gonna hesistate stealing elections.

Perhaps on this and other threads, there is a fixation on these exit polls. Yet, if you have proven your case, then what else need you do? I personally would embrace you as a leader if I saw you showing clarity on the other issues, such as with the bs stuff with ACORN, etc., with how people are being stripped of their voter registrations, stuff like that.

This is the blogosphere. When it was picking up in intensity the last ten years, we the people were given the illusion that democracy could be influenced by masses of people. That any one of us nobodies could through are own good faith efforts contribute to making this a better world.

Dialogue is a two-way street. No one is more important than anyone else. It is beyond ridiculous how Markos Zuniga has been running his website. It is not ok to frame everything that jeopardizes the status quo as being some sort of tinfoil product. The White House Iraq Group is proof that many conspiracy theories are true. Karl Rove is proof. Gonzales, Cheney, on and on.

A month or so ago you didn't want to hear about Steven Hertzberg and his escapades over at a tinfoil website called BreakForNews. But think about it. That guy used to post here. There was something very fishy about his internet presence.

You might not want to hear it, but insidious astroturfers are all over the internet, and unless we make things clear, we are all under suspicion of being conmen.

I have uncovered concrete proof that there is covert weather manipulation going on in our skies. But when folks keep getting bopped in the head with tinfoil this, tinfoil that, the undemocratic activities continue.

I am sorry to go off topic. I will wrap this up. We are living in a fascist country right now. We need to use our power of numbers and start forcing positive, social change.

You may have a migraine from thinking of all these people you don't agree with over exit polls or whether Bush stole elections. That is your prerogative. I get a migraine whever I see things that seem to be rabbit holes also.

But the bottom line is that these are war criminals. That being the case, it is more likely than not that they stole those elections. You've had your say. You've had such a presence here, that people have been forced to hear you out. But to be honest, it doesn't seem to sink in with you that even if you are correct that talk of exit polls is a dead-end, which I humbly diagree with you, that you don't realise that instead of wasting all this extra effort debunking the others, you could have spent time studying the many other aspects of election fraud. That you don't cover anything other than the debunker viewpoint, well, this is why a lot of people think you have a dog in the hunt.

I'm out of this section. I'm not even sure if DU will let me stay. Good luck to you, for I think it will sink in that you have been neglecting other aspects of social reality in lieu of some technical debate. It wouldn't hurt your cause to maybe have a toke, have a cry, and get off of your high horse and start working for the masses of people who are hurting here and abroad.

These people are criminals. Criminals do things like steal elections. You may think you have been doing the right thing, but unless you move on also, I don't think you are part of any solution. You kind of got to knock it off with the pretentiousness. That's not helping your image. You have to can the snark. You need to let your hair grow and start learning how to give the middle finger to these fat cats destroying humanity. It's late in the game. I am asking you to seize the historical moment, become more idealistic, and do whatever is in your power to promote social justice. I am assigning for your homework to read Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States. And I am not being a smartass. I wrote this post from the heart.

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