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Sancho Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-17-07 06:05 PM
Response to Reply #101
106. ah....the comments of the expected!
# 3 is OLD HAT....let's see, you have a $200 video camera at the polling station that records the incoming cars' plates...been there, done that...with HS students. Now you pay someone for minimum wage to spend a day looking up license plates? $'s involved. Same video records number of voters, race, etc. going in the booth. Is that the same as the voter registrations? What if 30% of the black voters disappear in reported results? Caging?


What is the point of pollsters and predictions (going back to Walter C. in 1952 who first used the term "computer" on a national television broadcast to predict an election!)? Accurate prediction, early "calls", NEWS! The ethics is finding and reporting the truth.

If the pollsters are really wanting the news as ethical truth, then they are actually in the mainstream! What would be more "interesting" than finding a fixed election, caging problem, or disputed election!? Shades of Paris Hilton! Headline in Podunck, America: "Cheating on elections proven!" That is worth some dollars.

I really don't care who does it, and I suspect that contracting all the "pollsters" into one company may be a mistake. SOMEONE needs to be prepared to plan to answer all the questions that TIA and friends continue to broadcast. I think that exit polls could (at the least) provide enough evidence to cause an election to be challenged. If designed correctly, exit polls could provide evidence of manipulation beyond a simple challenge.

Let's say that in Sarasota, FL (or Cleveland, etc.), at NOON there were already reports of machine errors and complaints of misrecorded votes. EM flys into action and tells the class of students at the University of Florida political science class that volunteered and were previously trained by EM by CD (video) to jump in vans and visit 20 of 55 precincts in the questionable voting district and gather as many interviews a possible. Voters have already been informed of the EM/UF study to get to the bottom of the machine issues as public announcements in the local paper.

The student volunteers collect 50% to 70% of voters as exit polls (a total of over 500 interviews) in the 20 precincts between 3 and 8 PM. The undervote and number of voters and party line votes for 8 of 10 precincts are statistically impossible for the data collected and the offical results! All the volunteer students swear in court that they collected the data honestly. Meanwhile, over 50% of the "on-line" reports from the same district also disagree with the reported results. Finally, there are 7 video recordings of specific voters claiming their vote was miscounted by the stupid machine shown on tv shown the night of the election. None suggest they were confused. All 7 report the machine refuse to record their vote. Cost: 20 students get extra credit and a "B" in a course. Value: Priceless!
Results: A judge orders an investigation and the machines held in a safe. The election in investigated the next day.

That is a LOT different than 3 years later some experts disagreeing about if the machines worked or didn't....and it all starts with being prepared to do heroic exit polls. Now repeat that scene in 50 states all over the country....hmmmm....I work in a building adjacent to one of the most advanced journalism programs in the world that includes a national center for ethics. Not my field, but sometimes things run over into my direction...I can's speak for them, but I'd guess what they would say...
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