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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-28-07 09:01 PM
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3. Highly, highly recommended!
If there were an objective and just power in this country, the 2004 election would be nullified, and all Bush's actions and appointments since then voided. That's what the total picture of TIA's and other election studies is saying. And, really, you only have consider the belligerence, arrogance, hubris and deafness of Bush and Cheney to know that they are not legitimate rulers and do not owe their power to the people of this country.

But I always say, all you have to know is WHO "counted" the votes, and HOW they "counted" them, to know that something is not right. Just imagine that Josef Stalin was alive today, and devised a voting system to keep himself in power. That's what we have: Rightwing Bushite corporations "counting" all the votes with "TRADE SECRET," PROPRIETARY programming code, with virtually no audit/recount controls, in a system engineered by the biggest crooks in the Anthrax Congress, Tom Delay and Bob Ney (abetted by corporatist 'Democrats' Christopher Dodd and Terry McAuliffe), and funded by $3.9 billion, to fasttrack these crapass, insecure and extremely insider hackable voting systems all over the country, between 2002 and 2004. Made to order to keep Bush in power and to manufacture a phony endorsement of a war that 56% of the American people opposed from way back at the beginning (Feb. '03). You want to conduct an unjust, illegal war, in a democracy, you have to fix the elections. That's what they did.

And the fixers are:

DIEBOLD: Until recently, headed by Wally O'Dell, a Bush-Cheney campaign chair and major fundraiser (a Bush "Pioneer," right up there with Ken Lay), who promised in writing to "deliver Ohio's electoral votes to Bush-Cheney in 2004"; and

ES&S: A spinoff of Diebold (similar computer architecture), initially funded by rightwing billionaire Howard Ahmanson, who also gave one million dollars to the extremist 'christian' Chalcedon Foundation (which touts the death penalty for homosexuals, among other things). Diebold and ES&S have an incestuous relationship; until recently, they were run by two brothers, Bob and Tod Urosevich. (One of them got outa Dodge last year--can't recall which one.)

These are the people who "counted" 80% of the nation's votes in 2004, under a veil of corporate secrecy.

And what can you logically expect from such a rigged, secret, partisan vote counting system?

So when someone says to you "But there's no proof," ask them why there isn't? Aren't elections supposed to HAVE proof of who won? Isn't that the whole point--transparent vote counting, so that all are agreed on who the chosen leaders are?

They eliminated the evidence--or tried their damnedest to. We lucked out on some things--fast-thinking statistical experts and bloggers who captured screen shots of the exit polls, for instance, before the corporate news monopolies altered them to force them to fit Diebold/ES&S "results."

What TIA has done is an exhaustive analysis of the inferential evidence, which needs to be reviewed with knowledge of the rigged voting system that was fast-tracked into place by thieves and felons. And once you put these two things together in your head, you stop asking for "proof" and you start asking for impeachment.
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