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eomer Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-21-06 07:46 AM
Response to Reply #23
33. And don't forget
Edited on Sat Jan-21-06 07:56 AM by eomer
the coup de grce: once they have achieved presumptive winner status then they take all possible measures, both legal and illegal, to shut down the proper procedures that are called for by law -- but may threaten their win. In other words, no need for any more counting of votes once they're the winner. If there are still piles of provisional ballots, no need to count those because they are already the winner. And absentee votes mailed in by the men and women serving in the military around the world, no need to count those because they are already the winner.

So in a sense they stole it twice. Once using the tactics you describe and then they had to cheat a second time (to avoid a real recount) in order to secure what they had stolen in the first count.

And they got away with it! Twice! Or should I say twice times twice! First count plus recount in 2000. And then the same again in 2004.

One of the biggest hurdles we have is the fact that even when it is out in the open and clear that lawful process was abandoned and illegal procedures used in their stead, there is still no remedy. So we can devise all the careful audits, chains of custody, citizen witnesses, local publishing of precinct results, and so on, that we want but they will not make a whit of difference if irregularities are discovered but then ignored by the courts and the press. This hurdle is aided by the long list of tactics they use. By applying a larger number of techniques, each one involving a smaller number of votes, they avoid the final problem of scrutiny by the courts and the press by claiming that whatever irregularity has been uncovered, it would not be enough to change the result. They force you to uncover a whole bunch of irregularities and to muster enough evidence to support each one of your multiple claims and to do it in an impossibly short amount of time. They raise this hurdle even higher by insisting that the evidence has to be hard proof -- that you have to prove each one of your claims with hard evidence and somehow do that before any investigation can be sanctioned.

Edit to add: I should have included Congress among those whose scrutiny is avoided but I forgot them. That's funny since they are the ones entrusted by the Constituion to scrutinize the Presidential election and finalize the result. I guess I forgot to include them because they forgot to fulfill their Constitutional duty.

Once you fail at the impossible task of assembling hard proof of a long list of cheats that will add up to enough to change the result before the clock runs out, then the gatekeepers slam the gate shut. The subject becomes taboo, both in the courts and in the press, because no one wants to allow our dirty laundry to be exposed. After all, we're the shining knights who are bringing our democracy to the rest of the world. It won't be helpful (they say) for the world to know that underneath the shining armour, we stink like sh*t.

To end on a more hopeful note, has a tipping point occurred? It seems that more and more the information is coming out in the media -- partly because the Internet media gain more ground on the corporate media every day and partly because the corporate media are being embarrassed into reporting some truth now and then. Also, courts seem to be gradually taking the issue seriously, at least here and there.

Truth is viral. Let's hope the rate of infection can overcome attempts to keep it bottled up and it is finally pandemic.

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