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Mark Crispin Miller: Why Dems are in denial about the stolen election [View All]

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Amaryllis Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-30-05 06:42 PM
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Mark Crispin Miller: Why Dems are in denial about the stolen election
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Edited on Fri Dec-30-05 07:29 PM by Amaryllis
This is a transcript of Mark's November talk in Portland:

He tells the story about his meeting with Kerry, and the wider implications.
I was there when he gave this talk and he was really on fire that day. There is good humor interspersed. Here is a taste (this starts just after he told the story of his meeting with Kerry):

I dont make things up. In this world, these days, you dont have to make things up. (Audience laughter.) Do you know what I mean? You cant. It is impossible to keep track of reality. So I tell this story to make a few larger points. It is not about Kerry per se. And it is not about my personal pique, about being treated so disrespectfully. This is not a personal issue. It is not even a partisan issue. It is a civic issue. It is a civic issue of profound importance. And I tell the story about Kerry partly to make clear that this is not a left versus right, or Democrat versus Republican issue. In fact, on this issue, its really the people at risk because of the collusion of the two parties. I think the collusion is passive. Some people have said that they know, they have made a deal, but I think that is unlikely.

If someone has the evidence, Ill look at the evidence. But I dont think that it is necessary for there to be a deal, because this has happened before. When you have a resolved, well organized, highly disciplined fascistic movement of some kind, (audience applause) right. (Audience applause) Lets hear it for Fascism. (Sarcastically...Loud audience applause.) Calm yourselves. (Laughter) And they have a tremendous amount of social power and media influence, and they manage to get the press on their side for various reasons, those who would resist this, but who arent all that zealous about it, are simply going to deny that theres a problem. Now why do the Democrats refuse to face this issue? Does it make any sense? Their existence as a party is threatened. They will cease to be, if this Republican party, the Bushevic party, (audience laughter) the theocratic Republican party, has its way, there will be no more Democrats. Now, one of the reasons that Democrats refuse to look at this, or read the evidence, or listen to it, is just corruption. Because a lot of democrats are in fact republicans. And in places like Ohio, rural Ohio....maybe youve had Bob Fitrakis come here and speak? ...(audience confirms) he explains to me and he says in his writing, the democrats in rural Ohio are just as much a part of the status quo as the republicans. They are very close to the Republicans and they all serve at the pleasure of Ken Blackwell. So they all toe the line.

But aside from that there is just plain old denial. Kerry was describing denial to me. Dodd wouldnt have gotten angry if this thought did not frighten him. Because the implications of what happened last year are quite frightening....quite frightening. It doesnt make any difference how brilliant a campaign you run. It doesnt make any difference how smart your TV ads are. It doesnt make any difference what a stellar profile your candidate has. You could run Jesus Christ for President, ok? Youre not going to win. Youre not going to win because this is not a functioning Democracy. America is no longer a Democracy. The last three elections have been stolen.

This refusal to confront the implications of what is going down has to do with deeply rooted ideological assumptions that we all have. Like "it cant happen here." Thats the very important one. Like this is "The city on the hill." This nation was claimed by God. And what has happened to other countries cant happen here, cant happen here. So however copious and solid the evidence you have that it has happened here, you cant get anywhere. Its fascinating. Youve got a moment in which pretty much everyone now finally agrees that the Bush regime lied, or deluded itself and the rest of us, to get us into a major war that we are losing. Thats really not a good thing. And people will face that. And the press will say yes that seems to be true. Youve got a moment at which the people will say: yes, they did deliberately conspire to out a CIA agent who was responsible for keeping us safe from weapons of mass destruction, and they did it for petty political reasons. The people struggling to deny this are having an ever harder time. We accept this. We accept that they had to know that the attack was coming on 9/11 and they, at best, did nothing about it. (Audience applause.) We also accept that in the face of one of the worst natural disasters in our modern history, they did nothing and they continue to do nothing. All of this we accept. Right? All of this we accept. All this the press will admit "Yeah thats true." OK. Progressives, everybody snarling foaming at the mouth...Bush is wicked, terrible. But somehow there is this magic circle drawn around "The Election." "Oh no, they wouldnt do that! They wouldnt to that!" Well, thats what they would do first of all. In fact, thats what they did do! Thats why theyre there. (Applause)
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