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Reply #59: Bush Speech 6/28/05 [View All]

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Wash. state Desk Jet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-29-05 06:19 PM
Response to Reply #18
59. Bush Speech 6/28/05
In Deed, President Bush stated the point and well. No Time Line. Mixed signals or they will think to wait us out,and on the other hand we will not be trusted. (Abandonment) Also a thing called mass killing as a result of abandonment. He summed it up there. But should we be there,I think Not, no. But we are there so we must do the right thing. To understand terrorism reguards to the middle east as a whole,We must understand the middle eastern countries. The United Arab Republic. Take a look at it on the map. Psychological war fare and terrorism spread across the middle east. (Nomads) one religion. Born at point a. and residing at some point b. One thing in common,one religion,same belief. A belief that America if some kind of evil empire. A religion that teachs from the begining of understanding that it is not of this life that matters,but the next only. Now how many nations are there in the middle east?And how much of that in space does Iraq take up? Compare Rhoad Island with america and north america . So you see it,s a very very big world. Have you ever spotted mile markers on the interstate highway? Would you compare one of those to a large imprint if you know what I mean?Spreading freedom democarcy ,it is a very very very big world. The thing of it is we are at war and we must support the president. His mile marker ,history will explain. So ah, Let me sum up Bush,s speech, Let me make this perfectly clear, The president said in a point of his speech, We must put 911 behind us, get on with it place it to the past, we are not a nation of people hiding under our beds over it. And threw out his speech he repeatedly reminds us of it,right to his closing words. So let me reiterate further to completly sum up all George Bush said , ( Do a little tap dance ,shuffel over to the right, Got ya covered, Nine Ten no problum, Sha do da do. Just say no to that.) ! Those republicians really have a serious problum there. For instance In Washington state here VANCE the right wing big cheese, spoksman for the rising star Rossi-isum Says he or they will continue to look for felon voters, though at the same time he projects into the next election to side step the intire problum, Sha do da do! Just say no to that too. James West really should admit the truth in all the terrible deeds that have gone down within the republician party over the past twenty years or so (to the press) than step down and fade away. Real time is not timeless.
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