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Reply #131: I have a problem with you OTOH, I do not believe you are reasoning [View All]

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Melissa G Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-19-05 12:16 AM
Response to Reply #115
131. I have a problem with you OTOH, I do not believe you are reasoning
Edited on Fri Aug-19-05 12:20 AM by Melissa G
.. I believe you are just doing crit...You may not have a problem with this but I do..
This is why..
TIA is doing something. Quite a lot of Something. Febble did something also. They produced work. They put their work out there and took and take a lot of heat for it. I have a lot of respect for both of them because of it. I agree with TIA (though not so much with Febble, much as I might possibly like her) but I respect them both for their efforts and the C### they have to take because of it.
Now we come to you, OTOH... You have a skill set and you had promise. I had my popcorn ready. :popcorn: I was informed that you were likely an earnest fellow so in the face of a fair amount of heat I have stood up for you to say your piece in peace. Mostly, so far, you have delivered nit picky goobledy gook. I have waited for a decent effort on your part to put up a coherent counter argument or alternate scenario. IMO it has yet to be presented. This IMHO BS argument about any significant number of DEM's forgetting the election was stolen from them in 2000 and misremembering their vote is IMHO LUDICROUS! Febble is in the UK she could maybe get away with saying this but you, as an American, must have been on Mars at the time to try to get away with that statement. I own a business...Everyone was glued to their tv's at that time... Restaurants that were usually full had only three tables being occupied. Commerce shut down. It is is ridiculous to suggest some huge memory loss on something that impacted folks so strongly.. It was economically as impactful as 9/11 to many small business owners.
OK, for some to my mind, utterly incomprehensible reason, you believe the Shrub won the election. (Damn few of us here do). Make your case.
Explain to us how you believe this sorry excuse for a resident who had driven the country into financial disaster and lied us into a war the majority of the country did not want in the first place kept all his votes and found 9-11 million more?
'Splain it to me please... (Edit clarity)
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