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Reply #110: As I expected, your counter is very weak.. [View All]

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TruthIsAll Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-18-05 11:53 AM
Response to Reply #106
110. As I expected, your counter is very weak..
Edited on Thu Aug-18-05 12:09 PM by TruthIsAll
Yes, I am familiar with and have conducted sensitivity analysis. But of course the validity of the analysis can't be measured by the sheer number of scenarios tested. You could have run one scenario, or five million, and the force of the argument would be determined by the limiting case.

The number of scenarios reflect incremental changes to the assumptions. It does indeed increase the force of the argument.
You can't argue that any plausible scenarios were ignored.

I did not fall 4 million votes short, but you come to this conclusion by apparently failing to read my post #9 beyond the line labeled "Totals." Not that I am wedded to the assumptions in that post.

But you do not dispute the fact that, contrary to your premature result, Kerry won the scenario. As he won all 120 scenarios.

As I explain elsewhere (at least twice), you cannot extract the marginals for reported 2000 vote and apply them to your estimates of actual 2000 vote. That is your faulty assumption.

Sorry, you have never refuted the fact that Bush could not have received 43% of the 2004 vote. This is your Achilles heel and you know it.

I will let others tally the personal attacks as they will, but they have no bearing on the arguments regardless.

Nevertheless, I have noticed a distinct change in your attitude.
Maybe its due to frustration on your part.
You never expected I would be so relentless, did you?

Since you have ducked the question twice: the E/M table reflects a design effect square root (multiplier) of approximately 1.5, at least if we can trust the "15" at lower left. Be advised, however, that these are described as "typical sampling errors" because the design effect varies from question to question. This is something you could actually read about.

Then why is the MoE = 1.0% for 10,000 respondents?

You say I am assuming some desperate hypothetical. But false recall is demonstrated in many surveys, and I and others have provided the figures and the links, and you have ignored them. The "faith-based" and "Hail Mary" rhetoric is, well, rhetoric.

I have yet to receive your response regarding that 2002 survey.
I asked you to document the purpose, advocates, executors, internals and results of the poll. You have shown us nothing. It was just a poll. The numbers were not in agreement with the actual 2000 vote.
I fail to see relevance nor any facts to substantiate your "false recall" hypothesis.

Is that the best you can do?
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