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Reply #44: Bishop Ussher--It is obvious you do not know with any certainty [View All]

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mgr Donating Member (616 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-17-05 04:31 PM
Response to Reply #29
44. Bishop Ussher--It is obvious you do not know with any certainty
what you purport to affirm. I take your response to reflect that. This was an opportunity to affirm what you know, and you took it to construct a strawman and make an ad hominem attack, as well as some odd claim of support of your position from an authority. Don't bother to respond, it will only make it worse.

Landshark sees our purposes as one in the same in the grand scheme of things, but blurs over the practical implications of what the differences imply as to further research and hypothesis testing; and moving the cause forward. Read what you like into what he said, but no where does he make the claim that he thinks my position is that of a republican apparatchik. Only you would twist it that way.

Let me show you how its done, and what it means:

I know that the exit polls performed by NEP do not give any clear indication of widespread fraud such that Kerry was deprived of the popular vote. I suspect that DREs did not play a significant role in switching votes, but know they played a role in producing long lines on election day. I know by accounts of long lines I heard over the radio, and confirmed in the EIRS database; and, from accounts of similar methods of depriving people of their vote in Florida in 2000, that the same was done in 2004; and that the final electoral college result was probably wrong becasue of this.

Nowhere do I claim to know with absolute certainty, but neither do I believe, which is the absolute nadir of knowledge with any certitude. One knows their morals, one does not believe their ethics. This post-modern sophistry is why we have ascientific nabobs like yourself clamoring for equal time for intelligent design, creationism, the anthropocentric mumbojumbo, alongside the most elegantly stated law of evolution; who have no clue what phyrronic scepticism is, and why it is so important to the development of the technology we enjoy today; and have no idea who David Hume is, and why he might be so important to this discussion.

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