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Reply #4: just always adore your intrepid efforts TIA [View All]

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stellanoir Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-05-05 10:45 AM
Response to Original message
4. just always adore your intrepid efforts TIA
but for someone with some rather obtuse mathemagical skills. . .it just simply says to me that the election was totally rigged once again and for the zillionth time.

Seven months have sadly passed since the third election has overtly and most unfortunately transipired in this country which was not been in most of our best interests, or that of most of our kids, or of most of our parents, and we are in deep, deep, sneekers. Nor did any of those elections, in any way represent the will of most of the people, most of the time. IMHO

Seven months have passed and what has been done to ameliorate our utterly pathetic methods of voting in our current situation. . .? . . .

Answer. . . .Diddly squat.

Simplistically, people often speak of the 50/50 divide in this country. Well with my limited skills, I know that only 60% of the eligible voting population actually voted. That means that 40% of the eligible voting population is either not paying attention or are totally disenchanted with this whole disingenuous and outrageously deceitful process. I cannot blame them at all for feeling that way. They may as well spend their time voting incessantly on American Idol or building themselves a yurt.

We are hardly a two dimensional nation. We are a diverse country and truly require somethng far beyond a two dimensional
representation. It's a faux competition, like McDonald's and Burger King, or Coke and Pepsi. Don't we require other flavors?
This is an off shoot of divide and conquer which is best illustrated by "Great Moments in Punditry" on the Daily Show. Pssssst. . .even the kids know it's utterly idiotic.

I wish we had far more parties, to reinvigorate the lively discussion that this country once was, instead of these idiotic shouting matches.

Okay. . . what of the other 60%. Well, as TIA has proven time and time again the 51/48 statistics in favor of * are bogus based on the exit polls and pre-election day polls.

Like many here, I too saw the potential manipulation of the election 2 years before it transpired. Despite all of our Sysiphian efforts, all of our multitudinous efforts of contacting pundits and plutocrats and politicians regarding the potential malfeascense in that upcoming election went completely unabated or totally ignored.

They were responded to by polite and genteel auto response letters saying roughly. . ."Thank you for expressing your concerns. We get so many requests that we can't possibly respond to all of your inquiries. . . . .blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. . .Please donate more of your hard earned money. . ." for absolutely no guarantee of total subterfuge and inaccountability of your precious and lowly votes.

According to pre-election polls, in my dinky blue state, Kerry was leading by over 70% on the day before the election.

Ahhhhh our vote tallies are allegedly "secured" by optical scan machines. I, like a lot of people, thought the biggest threat to democracy was through those nefariously unreliable touch screen voting machines in the swing states. We were wrong. Kerry's vote ended up in the low 60 percentile of the vote here.

I had since learned that the tallying of the vote on optical scanning machines was only scrutinized if a differential of a point spread smalled than approximately 5% applied. Otherwise those gloriously lauded paper ballots go unattended and are summarily chucked. So the tally in my dinky inconsequential blue state were more than likely manipulated by over 10%, presumably just to bolster *'s popular vote and to inevitably nudge the vote tally in favor of his really paltry minions of followers in '06 & '08.

I wonder if that didn't happen nation wide. Actually I know it did thanks to TIA's exacting work.

If only they had micromanged the reconstruction of Iraq as effieciantly as they systematically conducted the disenfrangement of votes in '04, then we would be far better off all the way around.


I sincerely believe in my heart and soul that * has no more than around 20% support of the general population.

Bottom line is. This totally qualifies as taxation without representation. It truly sucks. We think our hands are tied but I deeply feel that they are not. Not as long as TIA keeps typing these stats anyway.

For reference, try googling the declaration of independence and consider recognizing just how far we've fallen and how similar the colonist's complaints against King George the 1st were to the acute oppression to which we are currently subjegated on a daily basis.

It's amazingly exacting.

At least, it is for this 13th generation American.

Let's get creative about reclaiming our democracy.

At least lets ponder it.

Say. . . by maybe. . .er. . .ah. . .the alleged independance day.

Have a nice day.

And TIA, I've always wondered. . .what's up with your retro fonts anyway?

Happy Sunday!
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