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Mr. Noe and his Billion Dollar Connection [View All]

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mikelewis Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon May-23-05 12:37 AM
Original message
Mr. Noe and his Billion Dollar Connection
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Edited on Mon May-23-05 12:53 AM by mikelewis
An intersting connection

Continued discussion from previous post:

According to the Website mentioned earlier,, Mr. Noe had a policy or connection of some sort with an Indiana based company DEKALB AGRA, INC.

10/19/1998 DEKALB AGRA, INC. Foreign License/For-Profit Oct 19 1998 199830701499 199830701499 Foreign/Surrender Jul 28 1999; original Indiana incorporation date 3/6/1930
10/19/1998 Thomas W Noe 441 Hickory Lane Waterville Ohio 43566 Oct 19 1998 Active THOMAS NOE, INC

A search of the internet didnt yield much information on the company DeKalb Agra but I did manage to find a site that listed the sale of DeKalb Agra to two companies; The Andersons, Inc. and Central Soya Company, Inc.
June 22/98
(from a press release)
MAUMEE, Ohio -- The Andersons, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANDE) and Central Soya
Company, Inc. of Fort Wayne, Ind., today announced an agreement in
principle to acquire the assets of Dekalb Agra, Inc., an agricultural
cooperative in Waterloo, Ind. The Andersons, Inc. will acquire the
wholesale fertilizer and retail farm center business at the facility,
while Central Soya will acquire Dekalb Agra's grain handling facilities.
The Andersons' chairman and chief executive officer, Dick Anderson,

This is from the home page of The Andersons Inc. website: The Andersons, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANDE) is a diversified agribusiness and retailing company based in Maumee, OH. /

The fact that they and Mr. Noe are based in Maumee drew my attention. So I checked out their financial statements:
Income Statement 12/31/04____12/31/03____12/31/02_____12/31/01___12/31/00
Net Sales1,_______275.27______1,246.96____1,076.53____980.36______958.51

The Anderson Inc. Company is a billion dollar company based in Maumee Oh. According to the FrankKryder website, there is some sort of connection between Mr. Noe and this company. Mr. Noe was chairman of the Bush-Cheney campaign in northwest Ohio, with offices and a residence also based in the same city.

The FBI is investigating Mr. Noe for some sort of Campaign Finance issue that he had while operating in his official position as the chairman. What the case involves is unknown. Here'e more on that story:

According to their financial statement, The Andersons Inc. has seen a substantial increase in business over the past 5 years. There has been a marked 33% increase in Net Sales. I would say they may be very happy with the current Administration so I looked at the campaign contributions from the Anderson Inc. Company

The owners/officers of the Anderson company are:
Dennis J. Addis President, Plant Nutrient Division Daniel
T. Anderson President, Retail Group
Michael J. Anderson President and Chief Executive Officer
Richard M. Anderson President, Processing Group
Richard P Anderson Chairman of the Board of Directors
Thomas H. Anderson Chairman Emeritus, Board of Directors

Now, as a family, the Andersons have only contributed $35,325 dating back from 1990. All of the donations were made to Republican Candidates. You can download the information by going to the Secretary of States Website ,, and search the Last name database for Anderson.

Now, I also ran a list of campaign contributions made by Tom Noe, Bernadette Noe and Mr. Lapointe since he made campaign contributions from the same address as Mr. Noe and was a reported business partner.

An interesting pattern arises when you compare the dates of the donations from all of these people and the DeKalb Agra/Anderson pruchase.

From above, on June 22 1998, Dekalb Agra was purchased by the Anderson Inc. company.

The following information is from:

In march of that year, Tom Noe had at least 3 businesses in his name. Most likely, he opened them up at this time and got insurance on them.

3/11/1998 Thomas Noe 3509 Briarfield Blvd Maumee Ohio 43537 Mar 11 1998 Active CAPITAL COIN FUND LIMITED
Thomas Noe 3509 Briarfield Blvd Maumee Ohio 43537 Apr 02 1998 Active RARE COIN ENTERPRISES, LTD.
Thomas Noe 3509 Briarfield Blvd Maumee Ohio 435370000 Apr 21 1998 Active VISIONARY RARE COINS LIMITED

In April, he donated $2,000 to the Taft/OConnor Fund. This was his first sizable contribution. The highest until that point was $500 made the year before to Bob Taft, Secretary of State fund. In July, Mr. Noe gave another donation of $2500. You can also see a large spike in his overall contributions for that year as compared to the years prior.
1995 --- $1,150
1996 --- $1465
1997 --- $1,250
1998 --- $8,880
1999 --- $2500
2000 --- $8,900
2001 --- $9,819
2002 --- $28,910
2003 --- $12,477
2004 --- $26,800
So according to these numbers, something inspired Mr. Noe to begin donating heavily to the Republicans in the same year that DeKalb Agra was sold to The Andersons Inc. It is also in that same year that DeKalb Agra took out a policy of some sort on Mr. Noe 4 months after it had been sold to the Andersons Inc.
10/19/1998 DEKALB AGRA, INC. Foreign License/For-Profit Oct 19 1998 199830701499 199830701499 Foreign/Surrender Jul 28 1999; original Indiana incorporation date 3/6/1930
10/19/1998 Thomas W Noe 441 Hickory Lane Waterville Ohio 43566 Oct 19 1998 Active THOMAS NOE, INC

Now, so far this is still speculation. But when you look at the contribution habits of the Noes and the Andersons, you begin to see a pattern.
RICHARD ANDERSON 09/09/2004 $ 1,000.00
THOMAS NOE 09/12/2004 $ 300.00

THOMAS NOE 08/15/2004 $ 1,000.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 08/15/2004 $ 1,000.00

TIMOTHY LAPOINTE 07/30/2004 $ 1,000.00

THOMAS NOE 04/27/2004 $ 250.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 04/30/2004 $ 750.00

RICHARD ANDERSON 04/01/2004 $ 750.00
THOMAS NOE 04/02/2004 $ 600.00

THOMAS NOE 03/10/2004 $ 1,000.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 03/10/2004 $ 250.00

TOM NOE 01/20/2004 $ 2,500.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 01/20/2004 $ 250.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 01/20/2004 $ 250.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 01/20/2004 $ 250.00

THOMAS NOE 12/23/2003 $ 1,000.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 12/23/2003 $ 1,000.00

BERNADETTE NOE 03/08/2003 $ 1,000.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 03/08/2003 $ 100.00
THOMAS ANDERSON 03/10/2003 $ 50.00

BERNADETTE NOE 10/29/2002 $ 860.79
RICHARD ANDERSON 10/29/2002 $ 1,000.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 10/31/2002 $ 1,000.00

THOMAS NOE 09/27/2002 $ 1,000.00
TIMOTHY LAPOINTE 09/27/2002 $ 500.00
THOMAS ANDERSON 09/30/2002 $ 100.00

THOMAS NOE 08/26/2002 $ 600.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 08/27/2002 $ 1,500.00

TIMOTHY LAPOINTE 07/08/2002 $ 500.00
THOMAS ANDERSON 07/10/2002 $ 50.00

THOMAS NOE 06/12/2002 $ 500.00
THOMAS NOE 06/12/2002 $ 1,000.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 06/12/2002 $ 1,000.00

BERNADETTE NOE 12/20/2001 $ 1,000.00
THOMAS ANDERSON 12/20/2001 $ 50.00

RICHARD ANDERSON 11/13/2001 $ 125.00
THOMAS NOE 11/14/2001 $ 250.00

THOMAS NOE 09/15/2000 $ 1,000.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 09/18/2000 $ 50.00

THOMAS NOE 05/09/2000 $ 500.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 05/09/2000 $ 100.00

RICHARD ANDERSON 04/03/2000 $ 100.00
THOMAS NOE 04/07/2000 $ 250.00

THOMAS NOE 08/19/1998 $ 1,000.00
RICHARD ANDERSON 08/19/1998 $ 1,000.00

THOMAS ANDERSON 08/17/1998 $ 100.00
THOMAS NOE 08/18/1998 $ 100.00

THOMAS NOE 05/03/1998 $ 250.00
THOMAS ANDERSON 05/05/1998 $ 250.00

RICHARD ANDERSON 04/21/1997 $ 500.00
THOMAS NOE 04/23/1997 $ 500.00

There are many more contributions made by the Noes and the Andersons but there are so many that are within 3 days of each other that it gives the impression that there was some sort of cooperation between the two. Now, I do realize Mr. Noe was the Chairman of the Northwest Bush/Cheney Campaign but he was not in this position back in 1997.
Now, Mr. Noe is supposedly under investigation for Campaign Finance questions that arose during the last election. I guess, Mr. Noe and his business partner Timothy LaPointe were using the bank account to pay their contributions. They were also paying on or near the same day, from the same address and to the same committee. Mr. Noe is suspected of paying colleagues money to contribute to certain campaigns. In total, the Noes have contributed over $105,000 to campaigns since 1997. Doesnt it seem odd that the Andersons, who own a Billion dollar company have only paid over $33,000 in the same time period. In the past 4 years, they have contributed a mere $15,475 to their party and yet the past 5 years have increased their sales by 33%, pushing them well over the Billion dollar a year mark.
Theres too many connections between Mr. Noe and The Andersons Inc. for this to be honest coincidence. It appears Mr. Noe has a political and financial relationship with the Andersons that dates back to 1997. This is the same year Mr. Noe began trading rare coins with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. Enough Smoke for ya?

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