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Reply #28: Pawel K--huge Dem success in new voter registration (nearly 60/40)... [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue May-10-05 04:38 PM
Response to Reply #20
28. Pawel K--huge Dem success in new voter registration (nearly 60/40)...
...and when you figure how that happened--family, friends, co-workers and highly motivated volunteers urging non-voters to register and vote (such an important election!), and what THAT means as to Gore repeat voter motivation, and combine the new voters, and the motivated Gore voters, and the Nader voters who flocked to Kerry to get Bush out, you have a 4 million vote Kerry victory.

(Switch voters-Dems for Bush, Repubs for Kerry, were a wash--according to polls--although I think the polls missed a significant anti-Bush vote among Republicans who wouldn't answer pollsters out of fear of Bush bullies. But such a switch would not have made a win-lose difference. The new voters, Gore voters and Nader voters are sufficient for a comfortable Kerry victory).

You have to ask yourself why new voters were registering as Democrats in such great numbers--far beyond overall national party affiliation numbers. To vote for...Bush? They registered as DEMOCRATS to vote for Bush? Come on.

Numbers are wonderful, and often teach lessons to the human mind about making guesses and assumptions, but at some point, you have to bring a bit of intuition into it--especially when the numbers stand for people in a political process. Why would the Democrats have a blowout success in new voter registration in 2004? Because everybody loved Bush, and his war, and his deficit, and wanted to "re-elect" the thief of 2000? How did that blowout success in new Dem registration happen? (Obviously, it was Gore voters pushing their friends and family.) What do the numbers involved MEAN? And how, given all the above facts and a bit of intuition, did they "lose" the election?

Naysayers (and Bush political operatives) put up a couple of maybe's: maybe Evangelicals had some kind of invisible campaign to vote this time as never before; maybe they were shy of exit pollsters. No data to back it up. But maybe. And...what?

How did Bush "overcome" a 4 million vote Kerry victory? Dems voting for Bush? Where is the evidence for it (against all the evidence against it)? A surge of old Republican voters? Where is the evidence for THAT? It was a big turnout across the board (which, by the way, has always historically favored the Democrats).

And all these mental gymnastics are put forward in support of an official vote tally that was controlled by major donors to the Bush-Cheney campaign, using secret, proprietary software in the vote counting machines?

So, look at the numbers, and look at the facts, and allow yourself to feel it just a bit. What does it feel like? What does it smell like?
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