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Reply #27: Yeah, kiwi-expat, this is what Karl Rove and Dick Cheney would like us... [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue May-10-05 03:48 PM
Response to Reply #5
27. Yeah, kiwi-expat, this is what Karl Rove and Dick Cheney would like us...
Edited on Tue May-10-05 04:00 PM by Peace Patriot be believe. They were talking about it again the other day. (You might think we haven't dented their consciousness, but when Karl Rove suddenly starts talking about their "invisible" voter registration campaign, as Cheney did before the election, you know they're just a bit worried.)

There is no evidence for this Evangelical phenomenon in the election. None. Zero. It is an ILLUSION. On the other hand, the Democrats had a huge success in new voter registrations (almost 60/40). You think all those people registered as DEMOCRATS to vote for Bush? You think all those family members, co-workers, fellow students and motivated volunteers who pushed them to register as DEMOCRATS, and who told them this is the most important election in U.S. history, voted for Bush, or...what? ...themselves forgot to vote?

We've got a big fat elephant in the room (so to speak) that the Bushites and their lapdog media monopolies aren't talking about: There is ZERO EVIDENCE of enthusiasm for Bush-- then or now--and OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE of enthusiasm for Kerry or for ABB (anybody but Bush). You ever tried to convince a Nader voter of ANYTHING, let alone to vote for a pro-war, globalist, Skull & Bones Democrat? They came out in droves to vote for ABB! They didn't sit on their hands in protest. They didn't vote for Nader in protest. That's a sure indication of the awesome and widespread passion to get rid of Bush.

Where did Bush get his 13 million votes? He stole a good many of them from Republicans who had turned against him. That's what I think.

I've written about this "rBr"--that I think the critical factor was really "rrrk"--Reluctant Responder Republican voter for Kerry--able to vote for Kerry because it's a secret ballot, but afraid to admit the vote publicly, to a strange pollster at their polling place, for fear of repercussions within their coercive Republican communities. These would be people who don't like having to sign a loyalty oath to the president to attend a campaign rally--or who despise Bush's war, or his deficit, or Bush himself and his Saudi friends. I think there were a lot of them, and I think their votes were deleted or changed to Bush, and that was the least detectable place for the election fraudsters to do so.

Yeah, they shredded Democratic voter registrations and committed massive violations of the Voting Rights Act in Ohio, Florida and other places. I think that these were signs of their desperation to stop a Kerry landslide. And these are why Kerry won the exit polls by only 3%. The exit polls only count people who actually made it to the polling place. 3%--despite an illegally gleaned Democratic voter base. If you estimate the real vote, including the tens of thousands of gleaned minority, student and other Democratic voters (Greg Palast puts the number of gleaned black/brown voters at 1 million for this election), and add in an estimated percentage of Republican dissenters (whom the exit polls missed)--I think it was 3% to 4% of the vote, but say, 2%--we are looking at such a landslide (a true winning margin of 6% or more). And whether it was a landslide or not, it most certainly was a Kerry win by a comfortable margin.

Literally everything you look at--every set of data, every anecdote about the election, all the election incident reports, Bush's dismal approval ratings over the last year, and the overwhelming disapproval of all his policies--points to this conclusion, except the official tally and the crap you get on TV and in the news monopoly press.

And I think Republicans voting for Kerry were a key component of this victory, and also a key to how it got stolen (probably Bushite Republican election officials looking the other way when the electronic voting machines and tabulators were tampered with).

Those who say that this is a non-partisan issue are making a vital point--and I haven't credited them much in the past, because I have felt so partisanly offended. But if what I think is true--that large numbers defected from Bush, avoided or lied to exit pollsters out of fear, and had their votes stolen because it was easy--we have a tremendous untapped potential of voter activism to help reform this election system.

Cliff Arnebeck (himself a Republican) said something about this early on, and I noted it but didn't think too much about it--because I thought, if Republicans were cheated of their votes, why haven't more of them spoken up--why are they so invisible in this movement? However, it may be that fear is still hard at work in Republican circles, as it may have been in the exit polls. And Bush defectors would be even more afraid now, with Bush still in power.

They might not be able to admit a Kerry vote, at this point, but there is less reason for fear from merely advocating for transparent elections. The Bush Republican social culture of repression and coercion--and the overweening power of local Bushite political establishments--might paralyze some. But others might be more courageous and patriotic--and may also be of a mind to take back their party. In any case, I see that it would be a mistake to write them off, and that, in fact--given some Democratic Party leaders' complicity in this fraudulent election system--it may be that we should be giving more thought to coalition-building among ordinary citizens of all reasonable political persuasions, AGAINST the entrenched political establishment. (I know I'm not the first to say this--I'm just acknowledging it here, and also seeing a need to discuss it more.)
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