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Reply #30: Oh, I see! The Republicans block election verification measures in [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-12-05 11:20 AM
Response to Reply #27
30. Oh, I see! The Republicans block election verification measures in
Congress, and major Bush donors gain control over the vote count with secret, proprietary programming code, and the Republican Secretaries of State in two states commit egregious violations of the Voting Rights Act, and furthermore in both cases act to prevent a verifiable vote count, and the Republican Department of Justice does nothing about this, and the news monopolies just go right along like the lapdogs they are, and even deny the American public the true result of the exit polls that they did do, thus denying the American public important evidence of fraud, and it's the DEMOCRATS' fault for not commissioning their own exit polls! It's all clear now.

You know, I'm willing enough to believe in the corruption and collusion of some Democratic Party leaders, but I am NOT willing to look there for the heart of the problem, when I have a mountain of evidence screaming at me of REPUBLICAN and specifically Bush Cartel election fraud--including motive, means and opportunity, coverup plans (no paper trail), intent to defraud (Ohio, Florida), a history of election fraud (2000, 2002), and exit polls that, whatever test they are put to, show that we got a wrong result for president in the official tally in 2004.

And when I see what the news monopolies did to us on Iraq WMDs, and other issues, I am not really all that willing to blame the Democrats--at least primarily--for the news monopolies' failure to provide the American people with accurate information, and with the proper tools and information to verify the election. I think they don't give a damn. I think they are war profiteers and liars, just like their brethren in the White House.

Some day, if we ever get back our right to vote, we will deal with corrupt and collusive Democrats democratically, by voting them out of office. As for the above, I do hope that some day we have the power to place the Bush Cartel criminals where they belong, before the World Court, and are able to elect a "big stick" kind of president who will pull the licenses of all the news monopoly broadcasters for what they have done to this country.

Those are public licenses. Those are our airwaves. And the people who now control them deserve to be answering the phone in a radio station in Antarctica or Uzbekistan for the rest of their lives--if that.

They get billions and billions of dollars in political advertising. They get billions and billions and billions MORE dollars using OUR airwaves for mostly inferior news and entertainment that fosters stupidity and passivity, and for promulgating Bush propaganda. Enough money passes through their hands during one Super Bowl to fund a decent exit poll. That's crap, that it was too expensive. Just crap.
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