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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-06-05 10:57 AM
Response to Reply #8
11. Some further questions and thoughts...
"The FL and OH exit polls were changed from Kerry winning to Bush on CNN around 1am." --which day? I presume you mean Nov. 3 (very early in the morning, 5 hours after the polls closed on Nov. 2)--which would mean they could well have influenced Kerry if he didn't know what the real exit poll data was saying.

Anybody know the insider situation in the K/E campaign (or what's typical in a presidential campaign) about their state of knowledge of the exit polls, and what the TV networks were doing to the exit polls in this case, and/or independent sources of info they may have had.

You know, it's funny--I know that most Americans were deprived of this strong evidence of fraud (the real exit poll data). I myself was fooled for many hours. But I've never before considered whether or not Kerry and his consultants were also fooled (weren't aware of the real exit poll results)--then, once they conceded, were trapped in their concession, because, a) the real result was withheld for a long time, and b) by the time it became known, the damage had been done, as to public opinion. Kerry would have been well within his rights to demand an investigation at any point from 11/2/04 to 1/6/05--given the real exit poll result (and of course the massive and quite visible vote suppression in Ohio on top of it)-- but realistically, people generally believed the TV networks that Bush had won and hadn't a clue that there was strong evidence to the contrary--and he was facing a Bushcon Congress with that pervasive illusion having been created.

Anyway, I consider what the news monopolies did on 11/2,3--withholding the real exit poll result from the American people, and fiddling the numbers--their greatest journalistic crime, but it hadn't occurred to me that Kerry may have ALSO been a victim of this crime. (He was a victim, surely, in their creation of the illusion of an incontestable Bush win--which stifled general protest--but I mean, literally--that he may not have been aware, when he conceded, that the exit polls contradicted the official tally.)

I'm trying to think back--what was the date, AFTER the first screen shots of the real exit poll numbers were obtained and analyzed and the info put on line (pretty fast, as I recall), that more data became available, confirming a Kerry win of the exit polls? (I caught up with it all about a week after the election and so it's always been a big jumble to me what exit poll data got revealed when.) But I guess it doesn't matter. Kerry's opportunity to change public perception quickly faded with every hour after the concession, and he had lying news networks to contend with (not to mention an utter Bush blockade in Congress).


Yeah, I figured the "computer breakdown" was B.S. (a cover story). I was just wondering if it tells us anything beyond the obvious--that they needed the time to fiddle the numbers. (Cover stories are sometimes revealing in and of themselves.)


Anyone who groks this story--what the TV networks did to us--and it's quite simple, really; they friggin LIED to us, gave us DISINFORMATION, put FALSIFIED numbers on our TV screens to HIDE major evidence of election fraud--and who isn't infuriated right now both at their government and at the news monopolies doesn't have much heart and soul and good red blood running through their veins. And I don't care if you're a skeptic about election fraud, a Bush voter or whatever. These billionaire-run news monopolies, who are all profiting from the deaths in Iraq, gave us false, doctored election data that we should have been privy to, that we had a right to know, and that every other democracy in the world considers essential to the integrity of their elections!

What we might have done with that information, collectively, as a people, is OUR business--the business of this Republic that we supposedly own--not the business of international news conglomerates and their fatcat CEOs and news directors.

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