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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-06-05 08:21 AM
Response to Original message
5. If I understand this table correctly, the swindle occurs between...
12.22 am and 1:25 pm, and can be seen in the far left columns of the bottom row ("Average"), involving an impossible decline from 62.10 million votes for Kerry to 58.61 million votes for Kerry--a vote switch of 3.49 million votes.

The reason that this 3.49 million vote switch is impossible is the sample size (the number of exit poll respondents on which it is based) as it stood at 12.22 am, vs. the sample size at 1:25 pm. The sample stood at 13,047 people at 12:22 am. At 1:25 pm, only 613 more respondents were added (last column in the "Respondents" row at the top--the final number of 13,660 respondents). These 613 additional respondents cannot have changed the vote that much.

If you glance down the column headed "13,047" and the last column, headed "13,660," you can see the switch occur in all categories.

The switch is reflected in the percentage of the vote. At 12:22 am, Kerry was winning by 50.8 % of the vote (or 62.1 million votes), which inexplicably falls to 47.94% (58.61 million votes) at 1:25 pm.

It's also interesting just to glance along the bottom line ("Average"). Kerry was not just winning all along the way, his winning margin steadily increases all evening, from 50.7%, to 50.77%, to 50.80%, then suddenly at the end, plummets to 47.94%.


Correct me if I'm wrong, TIA. People need to understand this.



Do you recall at what time on Nov. 3 Kerry conceded? (I'm wondering if he might have been influenced by this exit poll/official tally disinformation on everybody's TV screens.)

Presumably, the final number (last column, at 1:25 pm on Nov. 3) is the one that was "adjusted" to fit the official tally. Do we know for sure at what point they began to pollute the exit poll data with the official tally?

(For those who aren't aware of it, the TV networks CHANGED the exit polls to fit the official tally, without disclosing this to viewers--thus depriving the American people of strong evidence of election fraud. Exit polls are used worldwide to verify elections and to check for fraud. In other countries, the two numbers are kept separate--exit polls vs. official tally--for comparison purposes. The people in the Ukraine, for instance, had unpolluted exit poll data to compare with this official data, and could plainly see that something was very wrong. Not here. In my opinion, this fiddling of the exit poll data in the Kerry-Bush election was the worst journalistic crime ever committed by the U.S. news monopolies, bar none. It prevented a general outcry and a general demand for official investigation)

What do you make of the big time gap between 12:22am and 1:25pm? The first three reports are only 3.5 and 5 hours apart, respectively. Then there is a 12 hour gap--then we get the impossible switch to Bush. Why did it take them so long to come up with this absurd conclusion (--since they were pulling it out of their hat anyway)? (Wasn't there some sort of report of a "breakdown" of a computer or something?)
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