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Reply #18: "Accusing me of a biased premise isn't harassment?" ABSOLUTELY NOT! [View All]

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tommcintyre Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed May-04-05 08:29 PM
Response to Reply #8
18. "Accusing me of a biased premise isn't harassment?" ABSOLUTELY NOT!
Edited on Wed May-04-05 08:31 PM by tommcintyre
That's called healthy questioning. History is replete with examples of "biased premises" that needed/deserved to be questioned.

Example: Was the earth REALLY the center of the universe? Well... it sure looked like it to the "powers-that-be" at the time (and they wanted it to be true). And Copernicus, Galileo, etc. paid dearly for "accusing <THEM> of a biased premise", didn't they? Hmm... I wonder if the Inquisition accused Copernicus or Galileo of "harassment" before they lit the match under the stake, or locked him up, respectively? ;)

YOU, as a student of psychology, should realize this better than others. The challenge of objectivity vs. subjectivity is ALWAYS with us, isn't it? That's why science prefers the double-blind study* whenever possible - to eliminate (in reality only further minimize) the "contamination" of an experiment with bias - even when it is totally unintended.

Since you are working only with inferred, not direct data, your postulations are rife with the possibilities of bias contamination. If you contend that the certainty of numbers protect you from this, you are only deluding yourself. After all, you are choosing the framing of the questions, etc. - so, YES, your premise(s) could be EASILY biased.

Question: Can YOU see any way(s) you could've introduced bias into your paper?

I agree. At times, there has certainly been less than courteous and/or fair treatment of you here. But the fact that you tried to "slip" this "biased premise" claim into the middle of your complaint should be a wake-up call to you.

Yes Febble, you (and your work) are just as subject to bias (subjectivity) as the rest of us.
* Double-blind study: A testing procedure, designed to eliminate biased results, in which the identity of those receiving a test treatment is concealed from both administrators and subjects until after the study is completed.

Double-blind describes an especially stringent way of conducting an experiment, usually on human subjects, in such as way as to attempt to eliminate subjective bias on the part of either the experimenters or experimental subjects.

<In case you missed it, I replied to your request that I read you paper here (some of the main ideas are listed below:>

"Taking EVERYTHING into consideration (the total "environment" in which this paper exists), I am leaning toward the concept of "red herring"...".

"The fact of the matter is you can only infer the validity of this hypothesis - you can NEVER verify it."

"Since you can not EVER verify the rBr (since that time has past, and can never be recovered), the very idea is rendered moot."
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