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Reply #13: Response by US Count Votes is coming in a few weeks [View All]

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sunshinekathy Donating Member (177 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-28-05 12:19 PM
Response to Reply #1
13. Response by US Count Votes is coming in a few weeks
Hello Everone,

Lots of us at US Count Votes tried to show Elizabeth prior to her printing her work, how she was selectively considering some facts and disregarding others to support her hypothesis. I haven't read her paper yet, so she may've adjusted her conclusions.

It may be that all she's showed is that exit poll discrepancies were not concentrated in particular types of partisanship precincts, but are more likely to have occurred everywhere, in which case I agree.

At any rate, several of US Count Votes' statisticians and computer scientist Bruce O'Dell are working on a further development of our Analysis of Exit Poll discrepancies and a response to Elizabeth's work.

However, it is very time-consuming (much more so than you might imagine) to coordinate these collaborative papers, and I need five of me because I would rather be focusing on implementing the technical systems to allow secure volunteer login, and finish the first phase public archive for cataloging all election data docs from the over 33,000 separate election entities in America, and I'm also working to prevent Utah from purchasing DRE voting machines which takes a lot of my time. I am trying to coordinate US Count Votes' groups of volunteers, including volunteer lawyers, volunteer data gatherers, volunteer statisticians and scientists, volunteer programmers, etc. Plus I am not very adept at running the business that a nonprofit 501-3c is. We've received enough donations for two Internet servers, and other office and system administration expenses, but haven't come close yet to the 2,000 $10/month subscribers we need in order to hire the full-time programmers, system admin and an office/business manager, election office liason, and eventually statistician, we need. So, five of me would be great. (I have an extra bedroom w/ own private bath if I could find a computer or business savy intern to come work with me in Park City, UT)

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I am aiming to release a response to Elizabeth's work, and also the public announcement of our public election data archive, by end of May. However, I was really hoping "not" to have to continue to focus on the exit polls, so that the sole focus could be development of our system to analyze the 2004 election thoroughly in order to put in place the systems whereby we can immediately analyze the 2006 election after it is over, and ensure that the right candidates are sworn into office in January 07.

All of you on this list can help by educating all the democrats in the U.S. Congress and any candidates who run for the U.S. Congress in Nov 06, NOT TO CONCEDE after the election and to ASSUME IF THEY "LOST" THAT THE VOTES WERE MISCOUNTED BY ELECTRONIC VOTE COUNTS THAT ARE NOT BEING INDEPENDENTLY AUDITED. i.e. All of you on this list can work on convincing the democratic leaders that almost all of the computer scientists, mathemticians, and statisticians in America, ooops, I mean, all us conspiracy nuts, are convinced by the data that the democrats DID WIN IN NOVEMBER 2006, AND DO NOT HAVE TO GET OUT THE VOTE OR CHANGE THEIR MESSAGE. They have to do one thing alone, NOT CONCEDE, AND FIGHT FOR RECOUNTS, INVESTIGATIONS, AND EVEN, IF NECESSARY, RE-ELECTIONS IN NOV 06. All other issues will take care of themselves, if we begin routinely independently auditing our elections and ensure that the right candidates are sworn into office.

So, fight the battle for states and counties to adopt paper ballot Op Scan voting systems rather than electronic ballot DREs also. Send letters to your state and county election offices.

And go give public testimony at your next meeting of County Commissioners or Council Members and tell them how they can save money and easily independently audit their own election results if they purchase Op Scan rather than DRE voting machines.

All of you could also help immensely by helping us raise the money US Count Votes needs to be able to hire the half dozen or so full-time staff it needs to complete its National Election Data Archive project so that we can provide all the court-worthy evidence that is needed right after the 2006 election. We have completed a database design that will work that has close to 1,000 tables in it, 14 tables for every state plus shared tables, but more tables will be needed as we expand to be able to analyze additional issues. We have designed it such that we can split each state's own election results analysis onto separate servers as it becomes necessary.

Anyway, not to worry, US Count Votes will eventually release a response to Elizabeth's work, but collaborative papers take time. We are also working on a new mathematical computer simulator that will be able to analyze the statistical footprint of exit poll results to determine if bias or vote embezzlement or miscounts are the more likely cause.

However, we are stretched very very thin due to lack of funding and staff that is needed to implement a huge but do-able project like our National Election Data Archive, so could use your help.

Thank You.

Kathy Dopp

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