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Reply #15: "master plan or just a master suggestion?" [View All]

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tommcintyre Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Apr-26-05 10:54 AM
Response to Reply #12
15. "master plan or just a master suggestion?"
Edited on Tue Apr-26-05 11:19 AM by tommcintyre
Well.. that's part of the puzzle. Was it mainly a small group doing a lot of damage (master plan), or a lot on "minions" doing things here and there that would favor Bush (master suggestion). No doubt, there was a mixture of both. So it was a "death of a thousand cuts". But which one(s) were most lethal (fatal)? Which argument(s) (of HOW the fatal blow(s) were most likely delivered) are most soundly based in fact (most plausible)?

We can speculate here in this forum 'til the cows come home - and there is a certain value in that. But, I'm hoping someone with "the credentials" (like a David Dill, etc.) has (or will soon) stick their neck out and propose a theory of what was done that delivered the fatal blow(s). But most importantly, theorize HOW it was accomplished.

This certainly isn't easy for many reasons, but with ALL the evidence we now have collected, I think it's time it was unified as much as possible to show the most plausible "big picture" possible of how it was accomplished. As I said previously, this should be the job of a serious MAJOR commission; but I'm not going to count on that happening.

If the evidence was tied together in the most credible/plausible manner, it could only help to convince more people. Like berniew1 said above, it shouldn't be necessary, but that seems to be the way it is.

The "freeper factor": First, no worries, they probably wouldn't believe the election was stolen even if Moses came back and delivered the news on a new set of tablets. ;) (Look what the say about the USV report, for example.)

And besides, always remember, we don't have to PROVE anything. All we need to do is create legitimate "reasonable doubt" that Bush really won. They are most afraid of this. Look how they keep talking about restoring and maintaining the confidence of the public in the election system. Of course, they'd rather continue with the "illusion" of a fair system; but our job can be accomplished just by creating legitimate doubt in that same "faux" system.
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