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Reply #7: I did some research. No single doc captures it all [View All]

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tommcintyre Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Apr-26-05 07:37 AM
Response to Reply #4
7. I did some research. No single doc captures it all
<Here's what I found in a couple hours search. After locating the original Wyoming article, I just posted here what seemed relevant, in the order I found it. I think you're right, it would make a useful doc if someone compiled something like this. Feel free to copy any or all of this to a new thread if you think it would be useful.>
Voting Irregularities in Wyoming: State-By Analysis #50
November 24th, 2004 : Filed by ~A!

Im working on a project together with Ron over at Why Are We Back In Iraq? to document any and all voting irregularities in the 2004 elections on a state by state basis. This is my first salvo.

Why #50, if this is my first? Well, Ron and I talked about it, and Im starting from one end of the alphabet, and hes already done a few from the front. At the end of the whole thing Ill put a PDF together of all of the irregularities, and make it available for download from our sites.

Meanwhile, back in Wyoming, voter turnout was an astounding 106%. According to the Secretary of States Website, there were 245,789 ballots cast in Wyoming in the 2004 election. The trouble with that is that the State of Wyoming only has 232,396 registered voters. Thats a difference of over 13,000 votes, which means 106% of registered voters turned out on election day in Wyoming.

For those of you who hate reading numbers, that is impossible. Most provisional ballots were thrown out, so there would have been more if they had been counted.

By contrast, in the primary elections in 2004, a very respectable 56% of registered voters turned out. Why the discrepancy? The Wyoming Secretary of States Office did not return my call for a comment on the situation.

Did Bushco even bother to refute (i.e. lie about) this?

Apparently, this is what they have completed of their "state-by-state" project (no pdf yet):

Voting Irregularities 2004:
New Mexico
Ohio (1)
NEW! -- West Virginia
Wyoming /
<In the right-hand column.>

BTW: there is an RSS feed available there ( RSS Feed (2.0) )
This is probably the biggest collection of irregularities (over 40k reported):

Election Incident Reporting System

The Election Incident Reporting System (EIRS) is a web-based software application designed to help voter protection organizations identify and respond to situations preventing voters from voting or from having their votes recorded as intended.

Update: Results of EIRS gathering of e-voting incident reports are listed here:

Incidents maps and reports are available online in the public portal at under the Research / Maps link. The system will be used before, during, and after the nationwide general election on November 2, 2004.

Currently, the main users of the EIRS are the more than 60 member organizations of the Election Protection Coalition, including the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and People for The American Way Foundation (PFAWF).
Election 2004 E-Voting Incidents
from the Election Incident Reporting System

# Significant e-voting problems
# Almost all vendors' products and models
# Most jurisdictions where e-voting installed
# Impacted at least tens or hundreds of thousands of voters

# Notable Incidents / Clusters
# Florida: Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties
# Louisiana: Orleans Parish
# New Mexico: Bernalillo County
# North Carolina: Carteret County
# Ohio: Franklin and Mahoning Counties
# Pennsylvania: Dauphin, Mercer, and Philadelphia Counties
Here you can search the reported incidents by state:
<Maybe someone has compiled this info into a report like you describe> (pfaw - sited below - is listed as a user of EIRS)
Here's a good prototype, but it's before the2004 election:
America's Election Snafus: 2001-2002

Election and Voting Problems: State by State
Election Protection Trouble Tracker - lists state-by-state reports of Election Day problems (2004)
Also: check out our problem reports by topic:
Voter Intimidation & Suppression | Voting Machines | Polling Place Problems

Missouri: Black Voters Reportedly Singled Out by Poll Challengers
While waiting in line to vote, Republican challenger challenged the black voters by requesting more proof of identification, residence, and signature match, while asking nothing from white voters.
(November 2, 2004 10:16 PM )

Allegheny County: Polling Problems Lead to Extended Hours
Many voters in Allegheny county, PA have called in with problems with provisional ballots not being available, provisional ballots being denied to registered voters, and uncooperative poll workers. At least a dozen Allegheny County precincts ran out of provisional ballots altogether. Due to these problems, Allegheny County, PA has announced that it is holding polls open for an extra 1 1/2 hours.
(November 2, 2004 08:49 PM )

Disability Access Problems Reported in Many States
Disabled voters have continued to have difficulty gaining access to the polls, and many report having been denied curbside voting alternatives.
(November 2, 2004 08:42 PM )

Georgia: Voters mistakenly denied vote; Election Protection Helps Resolve Problem
Several voters in Forsyth County, Georgia were reportedly informed that they had already voted when they, in fact, had not.
(November 2, 2004 08:38 PM )

More stories:
Election Protection Volunteers Help Poll Worker Shortage in Arizona
Colorado: Racist Comments Reported at Polling Place
Florida: Dirty Tricks Reported in Pinellas County
Arizona: Numerous Problems Reported at Polling Sites in Maricopa and Pima Counties
Ohio: Westlake Mayor Reportedly Orders Kerry Campaign Signs Removed Near Polling Place
Alabama: Police reportedly stood by as voter was intimidated by other voters
Wisconsin: Voter Reportedly Threatened to Lose Government Assistance, Depending on Her Vote
Colorado: "It makes you feel good for democracy."
Election Protection Helps a First Time Voter in Colorado
Ohio: Punch Card Problems Reported
Ohio: "State Inspectors" Taking Names of Ohio Voters
Colorado: "Its a shame things have gotten so bad that you need to be here, but Im glad youre here to help."
Registration Gone Missing in New Jersey
Pennsylvania: Voter Reportedly Denied Language Assistance
Fighting for a Provisional Ballot in Florida
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Reports Widespread Voting Machine Problems
North Carolina Voters Worry Polls Will Close while Still in Line
New Mexico Machine Speaks for Itself
Disabled Man Denied Assistance in Florida
Massachusetts: Book Speaks Volumes
South Carolina: Reports of Disinformation Flyers in Black Communities
Student Registrations Go Missing
Long Lines and Broken Machines Frustrate Voters
Ohio Ruling Gives Voters Affected by Late Absentee Ballots Right to Cast Provisional Ballots
Washington Votes Pre-Cast by Machine?
Closing the Doors in Michigan
Florida: Minority Voters in Palm Beach Report Harassing Late-Night Calls
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Poll Watchers Scuffle
Michigan Poll Workers Reportedly Mock Illiterate Voters
Georgia: Voters Reportedly Turned Away Early From Line
New Mexico: Sec. of State Reverses Decision Barring Parties From Monitoring Votes
Florida: DJ Reportedly Gets Many Calls from Voters Turned Away at Polls
Arizona Democratic Voters Given Wrong Polling Place Information?
Minnesota: Misleading Calls - Wrong Information
Alabama: Voter Reportedly Denied Opportunity to Vote for President
Iowa: Voters mistakenly identified as felons
Pollworkers Reporedly Giving Voters Time Limits in Many States
South Carolina: Voting Systems Reportedly Down Throughout Greenville
Michigan Reports Three-Hour Waits at Polling Places
Louisiana: Massive Polling Place Failures Reported
Georgia: Long Lines, Voting Machine Malfunctions
Re-Registration is Effectively "Literacy Test"
Milwaukee Polling Place Turning Away Voters?
Tallahassee: Ballot Problems and Misdirection
Ohio: Long Lines at Polls, Some Voters Reportedly Leaving
New Jersey Polling Place: A Fire Hazard?
Technical problems thwart some South Carolina voters
Phoenix Bomb Scare Causes Poll Relocation
Pennsylvania: Voters Reportedly Being Challenged at Polls in Philadelphia
Partisan Poll Workers in Texas and Pennsylvania?
Ohio: Numerous Reports Cite Lucas County Polling Station Chaos
Ohio: Black Voters Reportedly Being Singled Out for Identification
Minnesota: Hotline Calls Help Resolve ID Problems
Lawsuit filed in Toledo over absentee ballots, long lines at Ohio polls
Elderly Florida Woman Reportedly Denied Curbside Voting
Florida Voters Report Missing Polling Sites
West Virginia Eastern Panhandle Democrats allege vote suppression by phone
Arizona: Maricopa County Polling Place Reportedly Closed
Arizona Polling Place Reportedly Displays Picture of President Bush
Lines, lines, lines: Long Waits Reported Nationwide
database on vote fraud/suppression in Election 2004 /
ABC original report
Ballot Watch: Eyes on the Election
State-by-State Listing of Irregularities Reported at Voting Stations


The organization FairVote said it received more than 500 calls on its hot line. Its representatives said the biggest problem was people being turned away in some precincts in Boulder and Denver because the address on their identification didn't match the address on the voter registration logs. It didn't have to match, according to the Colorado Guide for Election Judges.

After Colorado Republicans complained of allegedly improper activities by workers from the left-leaning group, the secretary of state's office sent a notice to all counties saying state law bars any "election-related activity" within 100 feet of the building where voting is taking place. Eli Pariser, executive director of, denied the allegations, which were made in multiple states, calling them "scurrilous" and "false," and said, "we appear to be a victim of orchestrated effort to create a phony storyline if the election is close."
<more - 14 states listed>
2004 Election vote fraud
incorporating former Black Box Voting page
general commentary
New Hampshire
North Carolina
Evidence Gathered and Analyzed by Citizens:
New Hampshire
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
Patterns of Touchscreen Voting Machine Vote Fraud
Identified and Documented
in Florida, Ohio, New Mexico and Elsewhere
<See berniew1 post above for similar/related links:>
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