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Reply #26: The speech is indeed very powerful but Bob did distort the facts [View All]

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Iceburg Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-31-05 05:45 AM
Response to Reply #5
26. The speech is indeed very powerful but Bob did distort the facts
about "not being able to vote in neighborhood precincts" ... which weakens the overall impact. I actually cringed when he made those specific remarks. There is more than enough real evidence that the voters' intent was not upheld in Ohio (and other states) without resorting to a subjective and less-than-factual commentary on an facet of the election that even if true had little impact on the overall results in comparison to the other factors that did. In a 7 minute address that will be viewed by hundreds of thousands, is this really something Bob wants to devote any time to? I think not. His commentary on that particular subject will serve only to discredit him, which is very unfortunate indeed.

I have worked in the planning and delivery of elections all my life and I can assure you that in elections where there are district-based contests (such as Congress, where each district has about 640,000 people and the House Districts with approx 110,000 people per district), there will always be some people that can't vote in the nearest precinct. It should be obvious at this point that the district boundaries are primarily based on census population data and as such, streets will inevitably carved up and assigned to one district versus another. If we leave gerrymandering outside this discussion, then clearly the vast majority of people will fall well inside the boundaries, while a minority will live exactly on the boundary line. My guess is that Bob lives very close to the perimeter one such boundary line.

Now if Bob was trying to make a point about gerrymandering (the abuse in re-districting) he could have chosen far better examples and perhaps a map to illustrate his point. Take any house district map or Cuyahoga, Hamilton,Franklin and even the layperson can see the DNA of gerrymandering. But keep in mind then you are now into the unwinnable argument of who was responsible for defining these boundaries -- the Dems or the Repubs? Point#1: Both parties have had there hand in the gerrymander jar. Point #2: It is abusive but NOT illegal.

What happened in Ohio goes beyond abuse, and while we must not lose sight of the abuses, the malfeasance should be in the cross hairs.

Bob's mistake aside, I did enjoy the video very much -- a succinct platter of facts delivered with passion. If Bob wants membership in the exclusive "Reason before Passion" club, he needs to fine-tune his message.
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