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SouthernDem2004 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Mar-16-05 08:43 AM
Response to Reply #31
34. Thank you...
For the non-insulting and very good post. Another problem I have is with the term "probable cause." As a Police Officer the term has a different meaning. I think the fraud crew may have reasonable suspicion in their minds but not probable cause. It may sould like mincing words but they are accusing people of a crime and the terms do apply.

Here is my problem with the exit polls:

1) They are just polls. Poll results can be skewed by asking only certain people questions or the way the question is phrased. If polls were so good we would not need an election.

2) Alot of the threads on DU examining the polls included assumption due to incomplete data. The networks did not release the complete data so assupmtions were made.

3) Have you ever been asked to do an exit poll? I have but only once. I declined. So some voters are not going to tell people how they voted while at the poll.

4) Many polls leading up to the election had Bush as the winner.

5) The early polls were leaked by Democrats. Obvious reasoning behind that. Makes you wonder who gave them the polling data and if the questions were skewed.

6) Nine Democrats with PhDs make claims. Only nine??? Heck, I could probable round up nine PhDs that support clubbing baby seals for fur. I am sure I could find atleast a dozen that deny the holocaust.

As for the secret source code:

1) Software companies do not generally release their source code. Ask the despot Bill Gates. The courts have to drag him kicking and screaming to release any info...

As for Electronic Voting machines:

1) Yea, very bad idea. Even Republicans agree on this one.

As for Voter Suppression:

1) Waiting in long lines was not unusual. I had to wait several hours to vote in a Republican stronghold. Voter turn out was just higher then usual.

2) The number of voting machines in polling places was the same number as previous years.

3) Convicted felons are not allowed to vote in some states. Nothing new...

Voting machine problems:

1) Unfortunately nothing new.

2) Errors favoring Bush. The people that won are not going to complain. This is certainly something that needs to be looked into and is a good argument against these machines.

3) Claims of machines changing votes. Going to need more then a few claims. It could be something as simple as people touching the wrong button.

As for a statement in your link, "The intense BushCon efforts to skew the election in such baldfaced, illegal ways in Ohio, Florida and several other key states indicates their fear of Kerry's big new voter registration advantage and the enthusiasm of the grass roots campaign. It was looking like a Kerry blowout--so they had to use every fraud plan they had in place."

1) What fraud plan? Mighty strong accusation without any proof.

2) The new voter registration was a failure. I complained about this before the election. The registration was target at younger individuals that were to lazy or unconcerned about the process to take 10 minutes of their time to go register. They had to go to campuses, malls and bribe people with concerts. Not a very motivated electorate. Also, the people that were sent out to register people were often hired and not locals. Bad idea. You can register people all day long but if they are not motivated they will not bother to vote.

Also, Zogbys opinion on approval rating:

1) Zogby is a Democrat and stated Kerry would win prior to the election. He lost his credibility and impartialness after that.

2) No President since WWII has won with a low approval rating. Hmmm They did before though.

3) A war was taking place. We historicly do not change Presidents during conflicts.

4) Approval ratings are from a poll.... Enough said:

In summation:

These are very strong criminal accusations being made. There needs to be some type of actual evidence. Polls are not evidence. Waitng in line is not evidence. Copyrighted source code is not evidence. Past approval ratings are not evidence. In order to get people to listen you are going to need proof and not just accusations.

The fraud crew wonders why no one is listening to them. They assume everyone is a moron but them. They personally attack those that do not believe as they do. Makes it hard to listen to them or take them seriously.

Once again, Thank you Tommcintyre for the above post. I read your link but it still did not offer what is needed. If they can not convince Democrats, they will never convince the Nation.

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