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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-10-05 04:54 AM
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5. Good point! As Steven Freeman has shown, when you add...
...Gore 2000 repeat voters + huge success of Dems in new voter registration (57% to 41%!) + big jump of Nader voters to Kerry, you get a 4 to 8 million vote Kerry win.

Kerry won the final exit polls by 3%. USCountVotes (in a report by 9 Ph.D.s) found evidence that the exit polls were actually skewed to Bush (the exact opposite of what was reported in the news), meaning that Kerry's margin was even bigger.

So, it's looking like Kerry won by something like 4% to 5%, DESPITE all the vote suppression. Which means that--if the vote suppression had not occurred--what happened was a big Kerry landslide. He (we!) actually blew Bush out of the water.

As to regrets about this--depression, negativsm, what if we had worked harder? or the Kerry campaign had been better?, could we have overcome the fraud? etc. etc. --don't let yourself do that. I think the truth is that the Bush Cartel would have done whatever they had to do to retain power. For instance, I'm pretty sure they had a backup plan for using "terrorist alerts" on election day (they went to some trouble to prep this in the news).

The only thing we should regret is that we, as a citizenry, were not informed enough about the voting system, and the Dem leadership failed us catastrohpically on that issue. (They should have screamed bloody murder about secret, proprietary source code, controlled by BushCon companies, counting all our votes--or not counting them--and all that. The election SYSTEM itself was fraudulent.)

But things happen as they happen, and now we know. BIG wake-up call. Got to fix this, and battle it out in every state. (Congress isn't going to help.) It's doable. But we've got to get on it. And it's going to take time--incremental victories--to rebuild our election system and our democracy.

The vote suppression needs to be solved. We actually already have a law--the Voting Rights Act of 1965--which forbids much of what happened in Ohio and Florida. We just can't get it enforced! To get it enforced, we have to solve the OTHER, much bigger problem: insecure, unverifiable, partisan-controlled electronic voting.

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