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Reply #79: "The time to fix this was BEFORE the last election."--seito [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-08-05 12:52 PM
Response to Reply #36
79. "The time to fix this was BEFORE the last election."--seito
Yup. And that is the question that we must get an answer to, in order to restore our right to vote. How could our own party leaders have acquiesced in this blatantly, egregiously, obviously fraudulent election SYSTEM? Bush "Pioneers" counting all our votes in secret. I mean, come on...

In California right now, we're figting a DEMOCRAT--L.A. county elections head Connie McCormack--who advocates for Diebold and paperless voting, and takes vacations with a buddy of hers who is on the Diebold payroll.

She led the witch hunt against SoS Kevin Shelley, who had decertified and sued Diebold, and had provided Californians with a paper ballot option for the 2004 election. She was joined in that campaign to drive Shelley from office by CA legislative leaders Don Perata and Gloria Romero. We now have an SoS appointed by Arnold Schwarzenegger--and McCormack is proceeding with a campaign to get L.A. county an exemption from Shelley's strict time-line for a voter verified ballot.

I think it's true that, no matter what evidence Kerry had taken to Congress, the fraudulently elected BushCon Pod People in Congress would never have ousted Bush in Kerry's favor. They would have "spun" anything that was presented, no matter how damning. That's what they do. They are Pod People. These are the same people that blocked a paper trail and other auditing provisions. (And neither will they permit election system reform--it has to be done locally.)

But WHEN they blocked a paper trail and other auditing provisions, long before the election, WHERE WAS the Democratic leadership?

Not a word of protest! No warning to voters, campaign volunteers or donors! It was NOT AN ISSUE. And we need to know why, and we need to purge the corrupt Democrats who let it happen.

I think Dean as DNC chair is a good beginning (although we, of necessity, MUST ASK, whether Dean was PERMITTED TO BECOME DNC chair merely to keep the Left on board, and will be hamstrung on any real reform--we need to watch this...). Dean can help, even if he is hamstrung. He seems to be well aware that election reform has to be done locally (Congress isn't going to do squat). And we're probably looking at a long, hard, state by state battle, which we CAN win, but with victory coming incrementally, as we slowly clean up the election system--get more and more auditability--and start electing people who represent the majority.

But we need to realize, as we've discovered in California, that the corruption of our election system runs deep and crosses party lines.

Dr. Steven Freeman added up the 2000 Gore voters, the amazing Dem success in new voter registration in 2004 (Dems 57%, Repubs 41%)(--achieved by the grass roots), and the big jump of Nader voters to Kerry, and he calculated a Kerry victory by 4 to 8 million votes. Party leaders knew this and more, going into the election, on election day, and afterward. That's their JOB--to know how votes are counted and what the outcome is likely to be.

So why have they acted like they don't know it?

That is the question.

(Note: And this is NOT a matter of one man's decision--Kerry's. It is useless and distracting to bash Kerry over his concession. I think it's possible that he is the one who was betrayed and abandoned, by the Dem leaders around him who damn well knew who was counting all our votes in secret, who permitted this corrupt election system to be put into place without any protest, and who then further wouldn't back any challenge of it. In any case--whatever Kerry's level of knowledge of the election system, and whatever were the levels and types of corruption in the Dem leaders advising him--by 11/3, Kerry was boxed in. The theft of the election for Mideast war--which nearly 60% of Americans STILL oppose, now, today--and for the corporate military-industrial complex and its super rich war profiteers--was accomplished. And there was nothing Kerry could do about it without the united effort of all Democratic leaders, and I think we can presume that a good many of them were like Connie McCormack, taking vacations with their buddies at Diebold--or something comparable...Halliburton?).
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