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Reply #37: Four months late and a few dozen electoral votes short... [View All]

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SophieZ Donating Member (254 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-07-05 06:49 PM
Response to Reply #19
37. Four months late and a few dozen electoral votes short...
This is nice.

Let me tell you what happened in September though. And in November. And in June.


On September 14 in Houston, I told the candidate's brother Cam Kerry in person, face to face, to be ready for machine fraud and get some technology experts and people familiar with this onboard, handed him a copy of The Nation cover story by Ronnie Dugger. He seemed polite at best, and not at all curious. {"How They Could Steal the Election This Time," by RONNIE DUGGER, The Nation, Cover Story -- August 16, 2004 issue}


"The election protection effort has been important to me personally, and I am proud of the 17,000 lawyers around the country who helped. It's obvious that we have a way to go still, but their efforts helped make a difference. Their work goes on.
Thank you,
Cam Kerry
(attorney and brother and advisor of John Kerry)

Like hiring a flotilla of orthodontists to build a suspension bridge, or a slew of tractor-trailer truck drivers to compete in the Ice Dancing competition of the Olympics.


TOLD TO ME by Tracy Gary
She was at Tampa, Florida Dem headquarters on the Saturday before the election, she wanted to make phone calls or help somehow. The phone message said the office hours were 9 to 5 pm WEEKDAYS. There was virtually no one in the office on the Saturday before the election. She asked why the staff and hundreds of volunteers weren't in there, and the person there said something about "we don't want to work that hard."

FROM Jeeni Criscenzo
While I'm playing the blame game, let's shine the spotlight on the Democratic campaign. I was in the Tampa headquarters for most of the four weeks prior to the election. Tampa, according to Kerry himself, was "Ground Zero" for the campaign. But do you know what hundreds of supporters heard when they showed up at Ground Zero headquarters begging for yard signs, buttons and bumper stickers? They were told there wasn't any more! They ran out over a week before the election. We were told the campaign was setting aside money for legal actions after the election so they couldn't print up any more campaign materials. But John Kerry conceded the election in less than 24 hours when there were reports of disparities and fraud coming in from all over the country! What happened to all those "legal action" plans?

from voting activist Vickie Karp in Austin, Texas:

Abbe Delozier and I sent an "Invisible Ballots" (G. Edward Griffin) DVD and Bev {Harris}'s book to Vincent Fry, the chairman of the Democratic party Voting Rights division, or some such title, back in June. No comment until I e-mailed him later, to which he replied, "Raises some interesting points." End of discussion. I had my suspicions then that the Dems didn't want to know the details, which made me suspect their motives all the way to the top. Apparently my suspicions were justified.
The bloodless coup!
Vickie Karp 11 30 04


from Houstonian and a leader of the state Progressive Populist Democrats STAN MERRIMAN:

I had started calling the DNC on or about Nov. 4, asking if there was an elections fraud group, frankly to try to verify the gnawing uncertainty that my Party was doing anything about the reports emerging on "voting irregularities" all over the USA. I was given the name of Louis Fry (sp) as the head of that division. Almost daily until about the 15th I left messages for him. No answers back from anyone. Also each time cycled through the forwarding loop where when you hit "O" for operator, it cycles you to the next person in the department and ultimately to an aide in Chair (hopefully soon to be unseated !) office. On one occasion, a call to the DNC last week at 5:05 pm Eastern Standard Time, the switchboard operator said there was no one there at all -- everyone had gone home for the day.
Finally, after a week, I got a call back from Fry who told me they do have lawyers on the ground, particularly in Florida and Ohio, working also with lawyers from the State Parties. I did not have presence of mind to ask if they also had technical people...........a major omission on my part but my sense was, not from the DNC......they seem to think lawyers are always the solution because that is what they are in the main. I verified that The Chair was indeed on vacation (in the very middle of what might be a Constitutional crisis, but at the very least a very egregious voting rights crisis). Cynically I asked was it at Stowe or Vail ? One aide I got, obviously assigned to assauge an irate hinterlander, me, said....."we lost; we are all moving on here"............I asked if that was the official DNC position and though clearly without the authority to do so, he said YES. He also said that much of the staff had been let go. So, Virginia, your Party was on vacation or furlough during perhaps one of our most crucial elections in American history. My contempt for the DNC grows with each passing day with their incompetence.
Stan Merriman
(Stan has been instrumental in organizing the Progressive Caucus within the Texas Democratic Party)
November 21, 2004


(bear in mind that the candidate was off in Iraq)
(and note that he seems to have learned little in the two months following the election):

Counting every vote
Op Ed
By Cameron F. Kerry
January 6, 2005
The Boston Globe ... /

SO NOW the votes in Ohio have been recounted, and it's time for Congress to tally the Electoral College. But while the election is over, a fight goes on to protect everyone's right to vote and make sure every vote is counted.

I wish it weren't so, but the final facts look like the picture on the morning of Nov. 3 when my brother, John Kerry, ended his campaign for president. <MORE>
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