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Reply #11: Mistwell, you are obviously at a loss to answer the question... [View All]

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TruthIsAll Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-07-05 03:23 PM
Response to Reply #10
11. Mistwell, you are obviously at a loss to answer the question...
Edited on Mon Mar-07-05 03:34 PM by TruthIsAll
"As for the answer to your question, you know quite well I already answered it. I will repeat it for you, in case you missed it the first 4 times. It is not just the "reluctant Bush responder" theory, but it is that combined with the locations chosen for the exit polls, the people chosen to take the exit poll answers, and the size of the exit poll survey that combine to get more Democratic responders than Republican responders. All exit poll authors admit this, and major Universities did studies on the subject and came to that same conclusion. The exit pollsters build it into their theory so they can refine the final results and future exit polls as best they can. They all will also tell you that there is simply no way that the exit polls taken in the US are large enough to test for fraud or even accurately predict election results, and they set their margin of error for DEMOGRAPHICS DATA ONLY (Race, Gender, Geographic Region, etc...and NOT how people vote). They need a LOT more money to hire a sufficient number of exit pollsters to conduct an exit poll to test for the thing you are trying to test for. You friggen know this. You know you are abusing the data for your own egotisitcal ends of calling attention to yourself here at DU. You damn well know you've got major flaws in your basic assumptions about exit polling data, which you bury your head in the sand about any time someone calls you out for it...often by calling the people who hold you accountable Republicans or Freepers or worse names".

Are you finished, yet? You say "They need a lot more money to do a proper exit poll". Are you saying this with a straight face?

And you claim that I am the one abusing the data, for which Mitofsky claims a 1% MOE?

You contradict yourself. Yes, the Dem percntages are always overstated in the polls. For a variety of reasons.

Yes, natural spoilage is a major factor in the discrepancy. But there is also the question of fraud. And even you agree that fraud has occurred. But you won't accept the fact that the early, uncontaminated exit polls catch it. Or that the final exit poll was manipulated with weights adjusted to match the a corrupted vote count.

You are in total denial. Your shrillness indicates that deep down you know you have lost the argument. There is no longer anyplace for you to squirm. The more you protest, the worse it gets.

The facts are clear to the vast majority of DUers, yet you and a few die-hards continue to ignore them.

What is it? Pride? What would it take for you to see the light and accept the truth: this election was stolen every which way from Sunday.

You don't have to listen to me. Just listen to the professionals at - those renowned mathematics and statistical professors who have come right out in support of Freeman et al.

So, Mistwell, once again, answer the question:
Do you believe the Final Exit Poll with it's bogus, contradictory weights?
Or do you believe the Preliminary Poll?
Which one is it?

You are in check.
Time to lost your King.

You can't use the Bush responder excuse.
You can't use claim that the Final exit poll is legit.
You have run out of excuses.
What are you left with?

It's YOUR egotism, not mine, which is at question.
I've been consistent from Day One.

The Final pre-election polls were right.
The initial exit polls were right.
The vote counts were wrong.
Kerry won.

I am in agreement the professors at
You are in sync with the MSM.

You seem to prefer CNN and FOX and MSNBC and BushCo.
Your ranting has gotten personal.

I'm still the same TIA who you once said was respected at DU.
I haven't changed one iota.

The vast majority of DUers believe my work is credible, even more so today than in the months prior to the election.

I will no longer waste energy to try and convince you. If you don't get it by now, you never will.

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