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Reply #15: I'll take a few of these at a time ......... [View All]

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Aussie_expat Donating Member (124 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Feb-22-05 07:10 PM
Response to Reply #13
15. I'll take a few of these at a time .........
Edited on Tue Feb-22-05 07:16 PM by Aussie_expat
I know I'm setting myself up for proper flaming but ........

1) According to Mitofsky, exit polls have always been "weighted" to match the actual vote.

I absolutly agree.

2) Punched card/lever ballot vote spoilage, primarily in minority precincts, has always been a factor - and has cost democrats millions of votes.

I agree on the spoilage. I have no idea how many votes have been lost over what period of time. I will stipulate that the Dem's have been on the short end of the stick.
I may get flamed for this but it has always bothered me that the bulk of problems associated with spoilage etc. comes from Dem controlled precincts. I know there are a million reasons given for this but I have yet to find one that is reasonable, at least IMHO.

3) There is no disputing the fact that touch screen computers are vulnerable to hacking.

Yes, any computer is vulnerable to hacking. Absolutely.

4) Touch screens switched Kerry votes to Bush in 86 of 88 documented incidents.

Yes, if by documented you mean that someone said so. IMHO documented means multiple unbias witnesses. Which I will agree was unlikely to happen on election day.

5) There is no verified paper ballot for the touch screens.

This is the biggest problem of all. I don't see whats so hard about marking and counting a piece of paper.

6) Tabulation of optical scanned ballots uses proprietary software.

I need to look more into this. But I will say that I am not impressed with computer voting.

7) Recorded votes do not accurately reflect total voter intent.

That statement is so broad I don't know what to make of it. If you mean that some votes were not counted how the voter intended then I would have to agree........... but in and of itself that means nothing as it works both ways.

8) As a result of the above, exit polls can never match the recorded votes, unless they are manipulated.

Change this "As a result of the above," to this "As a result of the above and other contributory factors," and I would be more inclined to agree.

9) Exit polls reflect voter intent to within a 1% margin of error, as stipulated by Edison/Mitofsky in the notes accompanying the demographic summary of the "preliminary" poll of 13,047 respondents.

No, I don't agree. but we can discuss this later.

10) Exit polls have been very accurate worldwide in predicting the final vote and are used to monitor for fraud - but not in the U.S.

For later too.
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