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Reply #30: "A NEW legal challenge in Ohio!!!" - An Analysis [View All]

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eaglenetsupport Donating Member (150 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-22-05 03:35 PM
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30. "A NEW legal challenge in Ohio!!!" - An Analysis
We need to analyze this until there is nothing left to analyze. Informed decision-making process is the route to salvation here. Observations:

We dont have an open and shut case. The nuts and bolts of this case have yet to be developed. From this perspective, I understand exactly why Kerry threw in the towel when he did, taking great criticism in doing so. The safe harbor provision placed constitutional guides that must be met. There simply wasn'tt enough time in the six weeks allotted to conduct an adequate investigation. The true case that will roll heads will take many months and possibly a year or more to develop.

We have a ton of anecdotal evidence of manipulation of the number booths in democratic precincts compared to republican precincts. Clearly, one party had a great advantage by having the co-chair for Bush also in charge of the states election apparatus. Use of partisan challenges, voter intimidation, and at least five major categories of deliberate caging tactics that can only be viewed as acts in furtherance of conspiracy exist. Significant anecdotal evidence of illegal purges in democratic strongholds exist. I believe we can produce probable cause, but not proof beyond reasonable doubt of election monkey wrenching. The investigation will produce the proof.

Anyone who has been involved with large scale organizing would report one man could not do all this alone. It would take possibly hundreds of workers and probably more than a year to implement. This cannot be accomplished in a vacuum. In other words there absolutely MUST be tons of evidence existing, both direct physical, in the form of documents, orders, expenditures, memos, etc. (the paper trail would have to be enormous) and in witnesses testimony, both conspirators and victims, to the crime.

Heres the rub. The investigation needed to uncover the facts must be high enough level to produce in depth analysis of the facts. This would require an investigative body with the power to subpoena and to compel testimony. This would mean a congressional investigation. Not likely when both houses are controlled by the same criminal organization that committed the crime. Therefore there is only one, little known, little used, option. The Special Prosecutor is the single possibility to conduct the investigation necessary.

The ability to appoint a special prosecutor has been severely diminished after the exploits of that office for partisan politics during the Clinton administration. But that didn'tt dump the Special Prosecutors Office. The Special Prosecutors Office is a judicial function. These are prosecutors that are independent of the other two bodies. So the case must be bifurcated into two parts. The first part must be greater than anecdotal. It would not necessarily contain proof beyond the mere shadow of a doubt, but must be at least significant enough to raise probable cause a significant crime has been committed and the demonstration to the court that no lesser level of investigation would produce justice.

Important in any case is what the victims wish to receive in compensation. We should state this clearly that this is what we want is a full and thorough investigation so as to never let this happen again. Any reasonable Federal Ct. would go with this request I believe, due to the fact that this is the most reasonable, rational out come of such an important case, that is to not let it happen again. This is the only way I can see to proceed to the second and most important stage, a real and viable investigation. Anything less and these questions will remain unanswered forever and well go to our graves with only our suspicions.

Show me another route to accomplish a thorough investigation and I'll look at it.
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