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Bush Owns It: Let's Purge It [View All]

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understandinglife Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-10-05 04:01 PM
Original message
Bush Owns It: Let's Purge It
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An illegal, immoral war; A fiscal, social and environmental train wreck; An illegal, invalid election: Bush owns it, Lets purge it.

Events since 2 Nov 2004 have resulted in many more questions than answers regarding what Senator Kerry and Edwards should have done, should be doing; what the DNC and the Democrats in the 109th US Congress should have done, should be doing; what other political parties and even true Republicans should do.

For instance, some ask:

Exactly why should Senator Kerry and the other members of the Senate and House of Representatives strive to overturn the apparent outcome of the 2004 presidential election?

Why would Senator Kerry want to fight to win something that was such a colossal loss for those who had no defense on 2 Nov 2004 the systematically disenfranchised voter?

Would it not be better to be on record for how many acts of disenfranchisement were perpetrated by the Republicans on election day?

Would it not be better to drive a large and focused investigation into the illegal activities of the Bush cabal in every aspect of the 2004 national election once Bush is re-installed as president?

Would it not be better to install the Bush government and have it be the sole target for all the outrage that is building, both within the country and throughout the world, about Bushs illegal war in Iraq?

Would it not be better to install the Bush government as to provide The Opposition with the opportunity to differentiate itself in every way, in the minds of the American public and all of humanity, from the illegal, immoral, hypocritical and delusional Bush cabal?

Isnt it time to stop bickering among all the various groups who truly oppose the Bush cabal, and bring all our energy into creating a true opposition group, open to every citizen, committed to a relentless effort to investigate, charge, prosecute and purge the Bush cabal from the American franchise of democracy?

Bushs cabal got their wish on 2 Nov 2004; they clearly did whatever it took to get their wish. Bush fully owns the first four failed, horrid years of his presidency and on 20 Jan 2005 hell be installed in the inescapable position of being totally responsible for the even more horrid acts of the final weeks of his first term and all that will likely be his legacy, thereafter.

Never has a more evil and failed US executive branch existed.

Let us add yet another outstanding chapter to our American legacy of patriotism. Let us be unrelenting in holding the Bush cabal accountable for their wretched acts against our Constitution, humanity and the environment.

The Opposition must transcend categories like Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, .; it needs to be inclusive of all who value our American democracy and realize it is being plundered by the Bush cabal.

As to the name of The Opposition, I suggest we keep it simple and we have it focused precisely on the problem. The problem is not Republican party; its not liberal vs conservative; its not progressive vs traditional Democrat; it is an opposition to illegal, immoral, unjust, racist, fiscally irresponsible, anti-environmental, socially regressive, undemocratic policies Its About Bush.

Thus, The Bush Opposition is the only banner we need to mobilize millions of our fellow citizens.

I do have a question I think we should all ask Senator Kerry -- will you, Senator Kerry, lead The Bush Oppostion?

And, in asking it, I think it reasonable to request a response by 21 Jan 2005.

As much as The Bush Opposition will depend on every patriotic American citizen, it will need a leader. I think we should actively recruit a leader once we have Senator Kerrys response. Obvious candidates (Boxer, Conyers, Michael Moore, Rev Jackson, Jon Bonifaz, Cliff Arnebeck.....) should be considered and perhaps the most effective approach is to extend a broad invitation to those any of us consider appropriate and, by their actions, their demonstration of charisma, passion and accomplishments it will be clear, quickly, who has the zeal and the national recognition to lead our effort to reestablish America as a democracy; a just and honorable Nation.

We The People of the United States of America.will in_deed prevail.
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