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"Never let them know what you are thinking" [View All]

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Samantha Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-29-04 11:38 PM
Original message
"Never let them know what you are thinking"
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Four years ago, we were given an education by Molly Ivins on the essence of the classic politician from Texas. Lying is not a sin, explained Molly, it's an art. Thus, one can supposedly be a "good, Christian man" in Texas, but if he or she is involved in politics a well-honed ability to prevaricate is a must. Without the ability to tell a good lie, one cannot be a considered a good politician -- that is, in Texas.

Swing to the East and think of the basic political edict that all politics is local. The bottom line to succeeding in politics inside the Beltway is today and always has been "never let them know what you are thinking." This posture is so inherent in the inside-the-beltway landscape, one always sees it displayed in companies, government entities, in short, everywhere.

Kerry plays this to the Nth degree.

Compare the demeanor of the politician from Texas who now resides in the White House to the demeanor of our classic politician from the East. The contrast could not be more startling. This recognition also helps explain why a political player from Texas could not possibly fit into the Washington landscape, much as a liberal from Massachusetts does not play well in Houston. It is a political cultural clash in the extreme.

I post this tonight in haste because I have intended to start a thread on this subject for the last four weeks, but simply could not make the time. I do this now at this late hour for one reason: if you are not a part of the inside-the-beltway mentality, and you find yourself a little confused by the nuances of the Kerry camp, you are normal.

"Never let them know what you are thinking." Just as the political liars from Texas confound and confuse those of us not a part of that political culture, the stoic politicians from the East often do just the same to people outside the political cultural boundaries of the beltway. (Note: this is not to imply all people from Texas are liars; it merely asserts Texas has more than its fair share of political liars, according to its political experts, for example, Ivins). The difference between us and them is that we are polished, we are diplomatic and we are not in the business of totally deceiving and manipulating the general populace. They are.

With this explanation in mind as to how the classic Eastern politician plays his hand, perhaps you will have a different lens with which to view the actions of John Kerry.

Submitted by a long-time political junkie in Washington solely for your political encouragement in continuing your fight to save our democracy. Do not be discouraged by what you see or don't see from John Kerry.

Bush stole it. Kerry knows it. But Kerry will never let Bush* know what he is thinking.

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