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mojowork_n Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-22-08 11:18 AM
Response to Original message
43. Hey, Bob, I realize it's breaking the 1st guideline...
Edited on Fri Aug-22-08 11:29 AM by mojowork_n
...the part about associations with "Wisconsin", but interpreting the rule somewhat loosely -- the word "BEER" plays an important part, and our near neighbors to the south ("CHICAGO CRIME FAMILIES") also are involved -- I thought you might be interested in this link, from today's GREATEST threads:


"...The public should get a view into the background of Lindner, Keating and McCain, which essentially boils down to big Mafia money that has flowed into the GOP and various extreme Rightist groups around the world since Meyer Lansky made a deal with the Republicans in the mid-1940s. John McCain got onto the mob pad because he was willing to do business, and Cindy's father was a long-time wise guy in the Bronfman-Marley liquor racket. In exchange for their legalized gambling and liquor concessions, Top Bosses Lansky and Giancana straightened up the mob's image in the southwest, in exchange the GOP (along with elements of the CIA) got a piece of the action. See, ... ..."

The man in the hat is Kemper Marley...

Following the link in the text excerpt gets you:

"...The best source for an introduction to the environment of
total political corruption in Arizona is the book, THE ARIZONA
DEADLINE. In graphic detail journalist Michael Wendland links the
most prominent people in Arizona with various organized crime
king pins. Wendland was part of the group called INVESTIGATIVE
REPORTERS AND EDITORS who came to Phoenix in the wake of the
fatal car bombing of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC's investigative
reporter, Don Bolles. It was the conclusion of this group that
Marley, by far the wealthiest man in Arizona, was behind this
According to intelligence sources of the Phoenix police, who
prepared a background profile of Kemper Marley the week following
the Bolles murder, Marley was at one time directly connected to
the remnants of the old Al Capone mob...

...At one point Marley served as Chairman of the Board of the
VALLEY NATIONAL BANK. When Bugsy Siegel, on instructions from
Meyer Lansky, built the FLAMINGO CLUB, Las Vegas's first casino,
the money was borrowed from the VALLEY NATIONAL BANK.
Al Lizanetz, who served as Kemper Marley's public relations
man for 20 years, is one of the richest sources for background on
the liquor magnate. The Bolles murder was part of a package deal
that was to include a hit on Lizanetz. According to Lizanetz,
the Marley machine placed the highest priority on placing lawyers
in all the key state and municipal positions. The Arizona State
Attorney General during the Keating era, Bob Corbin, worked
formerly for Marley in the insurance industry in the 1950s.
Corbin accepted a $55,000 campaign contribution from Charles
Keating in a race where he was unopposed. Since Corbin did not
have to spend the money in the campaign he got to keep the
$50,000 when he retired. This is significant since S&Ls are
state chartered institutions and it was therefore the
responsibility of State Attorney General Corbin to oversee
Keating's operations.
Marley placed his people in the top positions of the
Department of Public Safety. The county prosecutor was also key
to him. Lizanetz claims that Marley recruited Eugene Pullium to
come to Phoenix to start the ARIZONA REPUBLIC/PHOENIX GAZZETT,
the monopoly newspaper which has succeeded in covering up these
matters. Eugene Pullium is the grandfather of Dan Quayle. Dan
Quayle grew up in the Phoenix suburb of Paradise Valley living
just next door to the founder of the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY, Robert
Welsh. Quayle's parents were the local JOHN BIRCH coordinators.
Marley's mentor was Sam Bronfman, the progenitor of the
SEAGRAMS empire. When Sam Bronfman visited Marley in Arizona he
came in the company of Al Capone. Lizanetz claims that Jack
Ruby, assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald, was also on the Bronfman
payroll. There may be something to this since Louis Bloomfield,
the family attorney for the Bronfmans, was the chairman of the
board of PERMENDEX, the Italian company whose board also included
Clay Shaw, the man prosecuted by District Attorney James Garrison
for the murder of President Kennedy.
Many have suggested that Charles Keating fell out of favor
with the powers that be and was set up. This is clearly not so.
Ironically, after issuing millions in bribes, the downfall of
Keating's empire began and ended with one minor public official
who was not for sale. Charlie was playing fast and loose with
the rules but he did have his end game well planned.
In order to buy time for his failing company, Keating
resorted to selling AMERICAN CONTINENTAL bonds through the
affiliates of his S&L, LINCOLN SAVINGS. Telephone solicitors
were paid to call LINCOLN CD holders just prior to expiration
dates and advise them to roll over their investments into ACC
bonds. This was good for $230 million of keep alive money.
While the higher rate of interest was mentioned, the fact that
these bonds were not federally insured was not. But these minor
infractions would all be covered by Keating's most grandiose of
all grandiose schemes.
The most precious resource in Arizona is water. Keating was
going to pay off his bondholders with the profits he was going to
make through his near successful attempt to monopolize the water
supply for the city of Phoenix!
In Arizona there are five water tables from which water can
be pumped -- an enterprise known as water farming. Keating
arranged a $200 million dollar loan through LINCOLN SAVINGS for
Ron Ober, Senator Dennis DeConcini's campaign manager. The grand
plan was for Ober to purchase all the land suitable for water
farming in La Paz county just south of Phoenix that Keating did
not already own. Then Keating engineered a bill for the Arizona
legislature that stipulated that the city of Phoenix would be
legally obligated to purchase 100% of Keating's and Ober's water
before they could purchase a drop from anyone else!
Since Keating and Ober were planning to pump a million acre
feet of water a year at a thousand dollars an acre foot that
meant profits in the hundreds of millions -- far more than was
necessary to pay off the bondholders. In fact Keating and Ober
would have been well on their way to Rockefeller status wealth.
Since Senator DeConcini had purchased land in the other five
suitable water tables he would have made out ever better. This
plan was probably conceived by the more cautious DeConcini who
intended to use Keating and Ober for stalking horses for his own
business interests. Such grandiose scams can only be attempted
when one can count on the local media to keep secrets and law
enforcement to look the other way.
Despite some obstreperous lower level officials at the
Federal Home Loan Bank Board everything was going like clockwork
for Keating. While everyone slept and no one even heard of this
water legislation, Keating's bill sailed through the Arizona
House of Representatives in a record 2 days. It would have done
the same in the state senate except for one man -- State Senator
Jerry Gilespie. Another man in Jerry's position could have
parlayed for a suit case full of hundred dollar bills. But Jerry
killed the bill without wasting a heart beat. In the next senate
election a massive amount of funding showed up for Jerry's
opponent. Today Jerry heads up the BO GRITZ FOR PRESIDENT
CAMPAIGN in Arizona.
This fascinating water story made it onto the cover of the
November 1989 issue of PHOENIX MAGAZINE under the very
appropriate title PARASITES IN OUR WATER. This unbelievable
account of greed and corruption was believable only because
it was written by 5 term congressman Sam Steiger. Even so, no
wire services picked it up. This article is the first national
coverage of Keating's failed end game.
Things still looked rosy on May 20, 1988 when Keating threw
a lavish champagne party at his Headquarters celebrating what
Keating imagined to be his final victory over the Federal Home
Loan Bank Board. Keating always kept magnums of Dom Perignon
chilled for special occasions. FHLBB examiners in San Francisco
had been motioning to close down LINCOLN SAVINGS. Thanks to
backing from John McCain and Dennis DeConcini and the other
"Keating Five" senators LINCOLN SAVING's FHLBB files had that day
been moved to Washington D.C. where they were guaranteed to
receive much more favorable treatment.
At the height of this rancorous party, Keating ripped off
his shirt to reveal a tee shirt with a skull and crossbones
superimposed over the letters FHLBB. As one top exec poured cold
champagne down the front of one secretary's brassiere, Keating
threw a computer and a typewriter out through the glass of second
story windows. Everyone there roared with approval. The $1
million in bribes to senators seemed well spent. But there was
something Keating had not considered -- one $15,000 per year
state senator who did not have a price.


** Walter J. Bush, nephew to the president, is involved in
business with Keating, flying the banner AMERICAN CONTINENTAL
LAND INVESTMENT CORPORATION at 2777 East Camelback. Walter
closed down and moved out of this location the week Keating filed
Chapter 11.

This was written in 1998, so the "president" referred to in the paragraph above is the "prudent" Bush, H.W., Sr.

Still, in the context of recent comparisons of the McCain's and Obama's residences -- and all that shocking (SHOCKING!) stuff about Tony Rezko, and "business as usual" in Chicago politics -- and which of the two candidates is more "out of touch" with us common folks, the LONG
VIEW here is pretty revealing. (Even if it is the stuff of 'conspiracy theory.')

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