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Reply #37: Its even worse if you are a liberal and have no gods [View All]

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Charleyski Donating Member (19 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-09-05 05:56 AM
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37. Its even worse if you are a liberal and have no gods
I live in a small town called Hardesty but it is truly just another Salem. Please spare a few moments to read this.
My name is Chester Francis Smalkowski Jr. I am an American. I was in the military and injured during Para rescue training in the U.S. Air Force. I have an Honorable discharge. I am a Liberal. I have no Gods. I was brought up and schooled to be a Lutheran Minister. I say the Pledge of Allegiance as it was written by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister. I accept evolution as the most promising theory to date. I have long hair. I ride a Harley. I love my family very much. My wife Nadia and I have three children, Nicole 15yrs, Czeslaw 11yrs and Bridgett 4yrs.
Our family has no Gods We do not need them. We do not want them. We believe in the Constitution of the United States. We believe that all life is precious and must be treated with respect. We bury our dead and mourn their passing. We laugh. We cry. We stand together as one family and when you harm one of us, you harm us all. You come to fight we fight. You come to share we share. You need help we?re there.

Hardesty has labeled us as devil worshippers. I assure you if we do not believe in bearded white men flying in the heavens with wings we surely do not believe in a black man in the ground with horns and a pointed tail.
The country leads by example said Judge Bridice. We now have a country that shouts if ?You are not with us you are against us!? Is it any wonder that with this manipulative rhetoric that teachers with students present told my daughter Nicole this is a Christian country and if you don?t like it get out! These teachers have since left Hardesty. Teachers watched as students said she was gay because she voted for Kerry, only homosexuals vote for Kerry, we are Christian we vote for Bush. They persecuted my daughter. They called her a half-breed. Made fun of northerners and Yankees. Teachers said they hated her. Having other students follow her around to catch her on the littlest infraction. No teacher ever tried to enlighten these misguided children. Instead the school encouraged more of the same. So those paid to educate our children instead used their position to persecute my daughter. Do you really think the other children benefited being use by teachers in this way? Taught to prejudge and single out those that are different. Hardesty School should be proud. It has never stopped to this day. The school board believes it can do anything. I think not.
School is for teaching not preaching. To supply our children with the tools and knowledge, not the seed of hate and divisiveness. My greatest gift to my children is that of a future of promise of a better and free tomorrow. Not hindered by the shackles of fear.

In Hardesty they teach fear. Just look at the Principal?s son wanting to go get a gun when he saw my daughter. What has he heard at the kitchen table? And the grand inquisitors, the school board so fearful of one child and family?s beliefs that they will do anything and with the help of corrupt police they might get away with it.
Hardesty knows my views and politics. They read my writings. Out here democrat is a dirty word. Liberal is blasphemy. They want to silence me. They call me the Devil.
They vilify. It?s the old labeling, calling someone a witch, devil, and old tom. They scared children into lying and thinking it was okay because it was against the devils daughter. Many in Hardesty know it! Some have come forward to tell the tale only to have their business threatened. Does this sound like a country that prides itself on the teachings of the man of peace? We never learn. We never learn because we are not willing to put the madness to rest. There is much more I could say but time is short and the, give us Barrabus mob want to feed. The republic for which it stands, does not stand out here.

So as to the incidents exactly a year ago? A year ago they remove my daughter from the basketball team because she refused to paticipate in ending cerimonies which was to recite the lords prayer.( this is a fact and confirmed by their lawyers own printed statements) This was a publc school! When I found out the real reasons I relised the principle and outher school employes had lied to my wife and I.So I had a talk with the principle On a saturday night leting him know I was going to sue the school. A fight ensued and I was charged with assault.
I never started a fight in my life and I have had many. I?ve seen them all, bullies, bigots, young bucks and just plane-bored idiots.
But a year ago today, I had a fight out in the street with the pronciple who lied to my family and intentionally harmed my child. he was 350lbs, an ex-Marine.
I weighed 170. It is simple just do the math. Believe what you want or what you need to believe.
I turned myself in within 2 hours of an arrest warrant. Bail was set high at $5000 for a misdemeanor. When I paid it, it was switched to $15,000. A man that turns himself in and owns land is not a flight risk. I am not charged with two charges; the misdemeanor was brought along because of the excessive bail! The Sheriff Benji Fuentes and policeman Guy Cook, who are this mans friend, live within a few doors of each other,have wives and relitives on the school board, never took both sides of the story, though they heard it. If they had it would have stopped right there. Instead they knowingly shaped the evidence to hopefully stop the lawsuit I said I was going to file. They even went so far as to hindering us in obtaining evidence that would prove my innocence and my daughter?s civil suit. That?s our taxpayer dollars at work. Police trying to stop a child from getting her constitutional rights.
Local papers print one side and say they cannot contact me. At best bad reporting at worse an attempt to shape public opinion. People say my phone is tapped and are scared to call me. There was surveillance of my property that violated our and guests privacy. There was a rumor started that I am a drug dealer.
A year later to the day they removes my daughter again from the basketball team for now she says the pledge instead of the lords prayer. The new charges against my daughter are bogus but she was suspended.
It is truly the middle ages out here. I know this must sound like I am making it up but I am not. These people really believe that liberals are the devils tool. That a public school is a place to force religion. That to work there you must be a church goe. Yet they have no problem in hurting my child. How many days must I see her come home with tears in her eyes? As I said before I was brought up to be a minister and I assure you these people do not follow the teachings of the prince of peace. They may say the Lords prayer but I have seen no following of that prayers wisdom out here.
The lawsuit was being concidered before the fight.People have said I am using the civil suit as a tactic. The civil suit against Hardesty school is about an incident that happened before the fight. Well, two more suits against the school are on the way and I plan to hold all those that lied about me or my family held accountable including the police.

I have been told ( by many lawyers)I cannot get a fair trial in Texas county because we do not believe in God and are liberals. That this is the Bible belt and all republican. Everybody?s related to everybody.

This trial is not about a fight it never has been but of a place called Hardesty and a school board with the help of the Sheriffs dept of Texas County that is trying to run a family out of town. The D.A. was willing to drop the charges if I left the county. The charges were switched from a misdemeanor to a felony when I refused. My local lawyer from Guymon was more than compromised and the DA knew it, yet she allowed him to continue until I found out and dropped him. He admitted it himself. As to my new lawyer, time will tell. But I trust no one out here. The control of the church even has lawyers scared to help me.
Remember the Judge in Florida?
Religion and government use fear to control. Fear is the killer of men?s dreams. Fear is king in Hardesty. Many know the real story but they will never say. Police harassed those that have. The police constantly harass my family. I challenged two police harassment bogus tickets, both dismissed. My wife could not pick up my daughter from basketball practice without being pulled over by a Sheriff Matt McCormick, whose stepfather is on the school board. Sheriff Bengi Fuentes has said he is going to put me in jail if he has anything to do about it. He is the investigating Officer. His wife is on the school board. Just what you want in a search for justice.
Clinton Martin, a school board member, calls me outside to fight at the Balko gamein Beaver county.. There are many witnesses. Saying he?s going to kick my f!!!!! a!!. He hides behind the principal and the glaring Hardesty school board continuing to taunt me. Why does he get a Texas county police car escort home from the game? Yet in Beaver county the police told me they cannot understand why Texas county made such a big deal out of it. The Hardesty school board insisted that the Beaver police charge me with something. The Beaver police refused. So what lies did they and the Texus county police dream up? My wife and I are now banished from coming near the school accused of threating children! Yet again I refure you to Beaver copunty police and their investagation found no warrant for any legal action. Therre are many witnesses that confirm my side of this latest incident. The school is in lockdown. The school board is up to their games again. It never ends. It is just another Salem witch trail except there are no witches just us liberals and atiests.
Yet when the principal?s son says he is going to get a gun when he saw my daughter entered the Gym. The Texus county cops say that was because of the disturbance I made but the facts are I never was there yet. There are many witnesses. A child in school says he is going to get a gun but the police say that is okay in Oklahoma. School board member Clinton Martin and Policeman Guy Cook were seen, after a game my daughter refused to pray and instead said the pledge, talking about how to keep us out of the games. They found out other girls at the next game were going to stand with my daughter and say the pledge. Well they figured out a way. More lies. More fear. Can?t you see this harms all? The school board conspires to stop some proud children from saying the Pledge? This is America?

The federal lawsuit scares them.( it goes to trial in May) They must silence my family and me. They do not want their true colors to be shown in the light of the day and in the public. Their civil attorneys needed another incident to cloud the facts. But in the end it will backfire. Big man Martin called me out. We talk some trash. I said bring it on. He started it .I was already leaving. He had no call. Now he has excuses and lies to hide that yellow streak. And a school board that is going to twist it into something else. That?s fine with me.
You want to run me out of town, Clinton Martin? Just get on the mat like you agreed.
They point at the speck in my eye yet there is a telephone pole sticking out of theirs. They condescend my family values? That I stand up for family and myself. Better look at yourselves.
In Hardesty promiscuity is prevalent; drugs are everywhere. Friday night is get drunk or high night for the teenagers. Dating is like anywhere else but without Sex Ed classes being taught, the inevitable happens. The adults are not much better. Adultery is big in Hardesty. So are all kinds of drugs. The police just look the other way or have some themselves. They all go to church on Sunday. What do these ministers preach? Fear? Hate? Stupidity? Surly not the teaching of the man Jesus.
Well my family does not do drugs. My daughter is a good girl. Played football on the Balko Team, The boys respect her. My son is a proud young man. When Clinton Martin was threathening me I was told my son stood by my side. My wife is a proud and beautiful Indian woman. We have been married and faithful for 17 years. We eat at a table every night as a family. My children are my band members. I can?t wait to see my kids after school. I walk up the dirt road to meet them. We are always together. It is just the way it is. We have traveled all over the country. We are a team.

So Hardesty wants to railroad me into jail for five years or more for a Saturday night brawl. Knock yourself out. We all know the real reason.
As to the federal case they robbed my daughter of the freedom to think and speak. They did it willingly and with forethought. And they hid behind badges and guns and the Cross to do it. Her emotional scars will last lifetime.
So blind and brazen in their disregard to the words of the Constitution the Hardesty School admitted their guilt and did it again exactly to the day one year later.

But what ever happens, I win. I?m the father of a good family and the daddy of a great bunch of kids. And the Smalkowski?s stick together because of love and respect. Not fear, not hate, not lies, not self-righteous hypocrisy.We are liberals and we have no Gods.
Can you blame us?

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