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Right Wing, Pro-Life Cartoonist Selling a Pictures of the First Lady Naked [View All]

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Avidor Donating Member (952 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-07-09 10:08 AM
Original message
Right Wing, Pro-Life Cartoonist Selling a Pictures of the First Lady Naked
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I remember a few years back when I got a lot of flak from a couple of liberal bloggers years ago because I posted a PhotoShopped someone else did of Michele Bachmann as a succubus on Dump Bachmannn. Some right-wing M.O.B. bloggers criticized me for a PhotoShopped picture I had on my home page of Bachmann standing next to Hitler.

Where's the outrage this time?

The City Pages Blotter has a post about the right-wing, pro-life cartoonist Dan Lacey's portrait of First Lady Michele Obama

Where's the outrage this time? Or is it okay to paint the First Lady naked and sell it on Ebay because she is black?

It's important to point out that Michele Obama is not an elected, public official.

Instead the alternative electronic media gives Dan Lacey publicity and helps him sell his paintings.

I know liberal cartoonists who are barely making a living. There are liberal cartoonists who lost work because newspapers are going out of business or cutting back (or more likely for their political activities and beliefs). Tom Tomorrow was cut from the City Pages.

I know liberal cartoonists who took time away from creating artwork to volunteer to defeat the GOP over the last 8 years.

What was Dan Lacey doing before painting the Obama family naked for a fast buck?

Dan Lacey is a member of the right-wing bloggers association M.O.B.

Lacey's Faithmous comic is full of strident, right-wing, theocratic messages... here's some examples:

Lacey has a comic called Faithmouse

You can see more of lacey's right-wing theocratic crap here:

Apparently Lacey is exploiting the Obama family to pay off his debt.

The cartoon is very heavily in debt. It's an amount which has accumulated during seven years of pouring everything I have into the cartoon, of paying for and doing whatever is necessary without hesitation to keep the cartoon alive. If you consider the impact this cartoon has had, of the many sites which regularly post and discuss this primarily Pro-Life cartoon, it's an amount of money which wouldn't seem outrageous for any start-up operation or media enterprise to expend. However, faithmouse isn't a media conglomerate; it's just one cartoonist with a computer in his bedroom , a drawing pad under his arm wherever he goes, and a quixotic belief in the merits of an ongoing artistic project.

I know that I sometimes surprise my own fanbase with my cartoons and choice of subject matter and my willingness to post on sites which are anything but conservative. Whatever my methods, I hope you can see they've been successful. Links and references to what is primarily a Pro-Life cartoon continue to grow, far beyond the Pro-Life community. Faithmouse is the only Pro-Life and Pro-Christian editorial cartoon which is given the time of day in the secular online world, mainly for its artistic and entertainment value. I've always maintained that faithmouse needs to be a fluid personal and artistic expression before attempting to being anything else, otherwise it's just another soapbox. The world is already crammed with soapboxes.

Fans of this cartoon may also be surprised to know that I've never submitted faithmouse for syndication. I've always felt that syndicates would have a built-in bias against a Christian, Catholic, Pro-Life cartoon, so I've instead focused on improving my own skills and popularizing the cartoon online. Again, I believe my efforts have been successful, but there's only so much a vast media enterprise of one can do.

I'm a believer in faithmouse; I hope that you, as a fellow believer, will consider helping to keep this cartoon alive. Free Republic regularly holds freeper drives for larger amounts of money a few times a year and is successful at raising those funds, so perhaps this will work for faithmouse as well.

Dan Lacey who is using the City Pages to sell his crap refused an award for Best Right Wing blog from the City Pages and posted it on EBay. I noticed that he is now proudly displaying the award on his blog.
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