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scottymortensen Donating Member (39 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Sep-27-05 02:39 PM
Response to Original message
12. Someone has to say it!
Speaking strictly from my heart as a person who became so disgusted
with what I saw from the politicians (whom supposedly represented my
interests as a citizen), that ultimately caused me to seek public
office myself (holding none of the usual crudentials- except being
completely fed up), I cannot say that the Democratic Party has made
much progress. Instead we are still very conventional, more of an
impersonator of lock-step Republicanism, more accepting of anti-
choice, and bigoted religious pandering even to the extent that we
are now calling it "progressive?", all to make the party more
palatable to a "centrist" "conservative" element? We sacrifice our
true feelings about this insane war and playing politics with
people's lives to play politics? The progressive caucus won't
endorse progressive candidates? But watch them all swarm when they
smell some "big money" and "mainstream" appeal. Please. This is
just more politics as usual, commandeered by party bosses who
live for their moment in the sun to institute their elaborate
schemes. You are not making progress as long as you refuse to take
controversial stands in areas where the luminaries say "it can't be
done". As a middle aged white male, I can tell you deep racism, and
discrimination is alive and well in Minnesota. I cannot tell you
how many times I hear racist, and discriminatory remarks when
white men feel they are only surrounded by white men. The "progress"
we have made is when people have been willing to take risks, to take
a stand, instead of continually gaging whether or not it will be
palatable to a discriminatory,gun toting, bunch of religious
fanatics, hell bent on warmongering, and are said to be so stupid
they don't realize the no-new tax pledges are just smoke and mirrors,
because they do pay, either way. What an insult to the intelligence
of anybody who has an ounce of humanity in the 6th district. This
asinine war is a scourge on our nation which will take decades and
decades to live down. Unfortunately, war, racism, discrimination,
and irresponsible fiscal policies have us mired in political hackery
seemingly forever. I re-iterate, "Barbie and Ken" candidates
waving gloriously, touting their grand achievements, which in
reality amounts to a hill of beans, will do nothing but be fund
raisers, to continue the insidious game of what has become of
American politics today. (Just a sadistic game of "Let's Make a
Deal"). It's a cruel joke played on the populace, that
is becoming increasingly more desperate for true answers, every
single day. Now, we may have a "special session" in the Minnesota
State Legislature to fund more stadiums for billionaires, while we
face gargantuan fiscal problems at a time when our nation is bogged
down in a quagmire illegal war, and now have to undertake the
rebuilding of the entire southern gulf coast, and these
conventional thinkers will tell me I have no chance to win, so you
shouldn't support me. Why? You are being hijacked friend. By more
big money schemes, with the usual religious overtones. The right
finds my campaign so refreshing they actually enjoy taking pot shots
at me, while Democrats are finding new ways everyday to
appear "progressive" while remaining non-committal and
floundering in doublespeak and touting noble bills which have
exactly no chance of going anywhere, unless we change the political
landscape of Congress, yet they refuse to support the candidates who
could make a difference? Why? To make you feel we are actually
getting somewhere? POPPYCOCK! As long as we refuse to march
headlong into what is perceived as Minnesota's "red state" and
support a candidate who would demand real change, demand equality
for all, an end to war, and put forth real solutions, instead of
endless cajoling and maneuvering, no progress is possible. The only
reason we have to settle for small, incremental change, is because
we refuse to be bold enough to demand real change. I am looking not
only to upset the applecart, but blow the wheels clean off of it.
And now some have been bold enough to join us in our anti-war
demands, because it has become politically palatable to a degree.
Cast off conventional politics! Demand a new approach. Be bold and
strong, instead of weak and calculating. Forget about all their
stinking money...
That's the problem. Politicians are so concerned with raising money
to play this insane game that everyday people will always lose in
the end. Everyday people will always lose in the end, because our
system has been bought and sold by the power barons, to support
their interests-ie corporate interests. But they like my "everyday
people" theme, as I see it popping up all over now. If you
wonder why the almighty corporation always wins. it wins because you
let it win. And now the Democratic party in Minnesota is being
hijacked by anti-choice, discriminatory religious fanatics. So,
don't be surprised if they won't stand up for people, they have
other priorties. The same insidious "personal responsibility"
arguments, the same "run government like a business" arguments,
and the same merging of state and religion, so apparent in the
opposition party, and it's always big money behind it all. Always
calculating and gaging what is or is not politically palatable,
regardless of if it's the right thing to do. I am the rogue
Democrat, the rebel Democrat, and I refuse to stop
speaking my mind, even to my own demise. That's what "progressive"
is to me. Standing up for what I believe and not backing down. And
to those of you who hope I step aside. Forget it. Scott
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