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Reply #8: Issues Don't Matter [View All]

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scottymortensen Donating Member (39 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Sep-26-05 03:52 PM
Response to Reply #7
8. Issues Don't Matter
Today in discussing our campaign's fund raising challenges with an informed luminary, I was confronted with the hard, cold facts. "Scott, issues don't matter, nothing matters, except money. Money is what the political system is all about, that's it- Perhaps, you should run for lower office, leave the House seat for someone with lot's of money, unless your willing to spend everyday, all day doing nothing but raise money..forget it, then after a month of being told no, then maybe you'll start getting some yes's, then you'll have to spend the rest of your public life raising money, that's what it's ALL about, Scott (period) M-O-N-E-Y nothing else matters N-O-T-H-I-N-G!"

Perhaps, this person is right. Well, in today's climate he probably is right. After all this person is intimately acquainted with Congressional campaigns. If all the athletes are doing steroids, you better do them too. You must become what you detest, to have any chance of changing it, but by then you'll have become so addicted to the money, you won't want to change it. Right? Ever wonder why these politicians are so weak, and filled with doublespeak, THAT'S ALL THEY DO IS RAISE MONEY. No wonder our nation is in such poor shape, our politicians only care about money. I know just from my brief exposure to this, that immense pressure is there to just care about money. The main reason that every law, every area today favors the wealthiest of us, over the rest of us, is the money scourge. It's the thing I detest the most. Now, in order to succeed, the consensus is that I must lock myself in a room for the better part of each day and beg for cash, or we stand no chance. Hey! how about I run a discount campaign? More bang for buck! Hey folks, we've got a special today: A politician who cares about the interests of everyday people (btw- they're all stealing my line now too) on a budget. More for your money with Mortensen! Look what he did with NOTHING! At Mortensen for Congress, we are always finding ways to get our message out for less!

Re: anti-choice Dems, it's all the rage these days. Use popular repub catch phrases and ideology to transform the Democratic Party into an anti-choice, discriminatory, lock step bunch of message framers. Why? to beat Republicans. If you can' beat em... Join em. Not Me. I'll be satisfied with being the rebel. The outsider. The one who stands against all this. And if I have to stand alone. I'll stand alone. Somehow, I think I'm not alone. What always blows me away though is my experience with anti-choice Dems is they are the most ruthless nasty bunch we have in the party. I believe their religious fanaticism drives their politics to the extent that they are driven to squelch voices of reason in the end. Very scary people because they try to pretend they are "progressive". When in fact they long for the day when they can drive their religious doctrines so far into the party, that the Democratic Party will no longer be the protector of seperation of church and state, but just another arm of the Anti-choice, bigoted, American Taliban. Wolves in sheep's clothing. Preach it Brother!
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