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scottymortensen Donating Member (39 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-22-05 09:47 PM
Response to Original message
2. Choking On Them!
I would like to point out something that Mr. Tinklenberg said on
June 14th from National Sports Center in Blaine, when he announced
his candidacy. "We are deciding in this race whether we want to send
another partisan to a Congress that is already choking on them, or
if we want to take a new direction. A direction of progress and
reasonableness and accomplishment,"

Will this man stand up or speak out for Democratic values? No. It
is obvious he will not. He will go along with the Bush plank when
it suits his fancy and play the game? Yes. Would he favor
impeachment proceedings against Bush? I not only do, but make a
campaign promise that I will do everything in my power if elected to
advance impeachment of the Bush administration. Will he nod in
agreement as the right wing nut cases ruin America, and pretend that
with out monstrous dissent, we can hope to change anything? Do
Democrats want to be "centrist-Republicrats" now? If that's the
case, that's where I draw the line. I will leave the Democratic
Party if they refuse to stand up against hate, avoidable war,
discrimination against gay people, degrading women's rights, and powerful dissent to the insane policies that are destroying American liberty and democracy.
Yeah, I'll choke on them, and choke on them, and choke on
them. I will never sacrifice my vote for insidious games. Avoidable
war is WRONG! Weakening America to fight this insane war is WRONG!
Violating people's civil rights to live in a paranoid police state
is WRONG! Sacrificing the rights of minorities to pander to
religious interests is WRONG! Robbing women of their civil rights
is WRONG! Continuing to wink at the disastrous state of our
campaign and election process is CRIMINAL!

While Democrats flood this pseudo-Democrat with thousands and
thousands of dollars, and leaders like Nancy Pelosi, and Rham
Emanuel roll this politician out there like he is any significant
change from the usual failed politics that has our nation drowning
in debt, bogged down in a quagmire war, succumbing to the anti-
people, corporate crony polices of our insane administration. He
won't be "choking on them". That's for sure. He may go along with their devious plans to strive for "consensus". What "consensus?" We have virtually NO common ground with Republicans anymore. They are hell bent on destroying the middle class, enriching the billionaires,
disenfranchising minorities, fighting avoidable wars instead of
exercising all diplomatic options. Will this man have the
fortitude, and humanity to speak up for people over politics? Look
at what he says: "We are deciding in this race whether we want to
send another partisan to a Congress that is already choking on them,
or if we want to take a new direction. A direction of progress and
reasonableness and accomplishment," He is not "partisan". He may
be a "Democrat" in name, but to say he is "progressive" is simply
hogwash. What in Washington today can you call progress or,
reasonable? You cannot reason with them. It should be painfully
obvious, they have no reason! He intends on bargaining with them? Reasoning with them? Force is all they understand.

Tonight I heard a Mother Jones commercial on AAR saying "support politicians who refuse to play politics with people's lives" in reference to GLBT marriage, and I thought I've been pounding that and pounding that for months now.
I will not be gagged by DFL leadership in calling a spade, a spade. Even though I have been approached by leadership not attack another Democrat. And I will call em as I see em, regardless of the fallout.
I owe it to the people to fight for them. I will never stop speaking
the truth. Recent comments to me by leadership insinuating I am
attacking another democrat, like I'm not supposed to, like El
Tinklenberg is off limits, all because these people want to slip him
past the rank and file DFL like he represents change? Rham Emanuel has him listed as "candidate for change?" Change to what? Democrats "change" their minds and ban gay marriage Constitutionally, and go along with Republicans to turn their back on women's reproductive rights? Change? Running a "well funded"(from his website) campaign to buy the election. By the way, that's all I'm finding out so far, is you have to buy the election. You don't have to take a stand on issues, just bankroll a bunch of cash, squawk about banning and overturning people's rights, look like a good Republican alternative, and whala, several pro-choice, pro-gay Democrat Leaders from California to Washington DC, line up like drunks,when the bar is giving out free rounds to throw cash at it, because it's a good scheme. Change? Please, don't even try to make the argument.

Yeah, I'll be choking on them. I get email, after email, after email, saying "I support you" while they flood the "politics as usual" campaign with thousands and thousands. I seriously considered getting a DC consultant myself, as not one Democratic leader has contributed one dime to my campaign. As far as the progressive caucus goes, I've tried to reach them, and still hope to. But every time someone sticks up for little ole Scotty Mortensen, one of the big shot's start piping in with all their blithering statistics, and political double speak, and whala, progressives become strangely conventional.
Gosh, you seem a little upset Mortensen? Yeah I'm upset, I'm upset
that virtually everything happening in politics today in our nation
is merely more of the same, back room deals, big money bribery, and
open disdain for people, spin, and hopeless sell outs to further cronyism, and foolishness, while our fledgling campaign faces huge challenges to buy the election. That's right BUY a win! That's all our process is anymore, and I now realize that more than ever.

Yeah, I'll be choking on them, now more than ever! And I'll keep
fighting even if I only have $1. But you could do something! And if you don't, you get what you get, and you'd better like it. Because if you have no vision, no courage, and refuse to do more than just say "we support you Scott" I stand no chance. But I'll keep fighting. I can't walk away now. I refuse to. It's a matter of principle. I've already been brow beaten with "support El for the good of the party" and 3/4's of the way through a live interview, the host gets a cell call and the next question is "will you abide by the endorsement process?" Please... Change? Face it, the party has all but written off the 6th, and conceded that El's the guy..."Conservacrat" the perfect plan, with a hundred grand.

I've only received a few thousand, and we bought a database system to file reports and track voters etc., as I decided, the DC consultant thing wasn't for us right now. I stand against the way things are. If I cannot get even "progressives" to support my bold, courageous, quest, which I have spent myself and given myself over to (for them.) Then, why should I stay? I get no help from the Party, zero. I have campaigned hard this summer and met thousands, and have done the best I can. I have developed an all volunteer team of wonderful people, have a growing group on the net. Yet we have no professional leadership. I approach Politicians for help, and get called by their staff and lied to. Now I'm mad! Mad that only Dennis Kucinich's campaign even writes me back with advise. God Bless them. Yeah, I can imagine the advise I'll get now. Drop out. Forget it! Now, I'm mad.
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