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Reply #1: I rec'd the same form letter. [View All]

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dad Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-19-06 08:13 PM
Response to Original message
1. I rec'd the same form letter.
How on earth could that form letter make you feel better about this candidate?
It would appear that she honestly does not know what she voted for!

" This decision created a void with no judicial process in place for the detainees who our country has been holding indefinitely. "

Actually the process in place was to follow THE LAW and allow these "detainees" a fair trial.

I understand the distrust of the Bush Administration which has frankly shown a flagrant disregard for the law.
~ Yet she trusts them with despotic powers to indefinitely detain persons chosen at their whim, interrogate them with methods up to and including torture (definition of torture as defined by GW Bush) and hold them indefinitely without presentation of evidence.

However, having no law in place would have given this administration continued justification to act without any accountability.
~ Again, I do not understand the "no law in place" argument.

This proposal puts in place protections that do not exist today for detainees and is a better system than the one proposed by the President.
~ Actually this proposal gives the President despotic powers to choose at his sole discretion who is an enemy of the state. The President can define what the definition of torture is, and not reveal what his definiton is.

I strongly opposed the President's attempts to undermine the Geneva Convention.
~ She voted for a bill that forgives the Bush Administrations past war crimes and bypasses Geneva for future war crimes.

This bill does not amend the Geneva Convention in any way.
~ It BYPASSES that quaint document, the GC.

This proposal puts in place specific protections against torture, providing needed clarification on what constitutes war crimes and criminalizing specific interrogation techniques.
~ I call bullshit on that one. The PRESIDENT can decide IN SECRECY what the definition of torture is.

Could this bill be improved? Absolutely. I supported every Democratic amendment to tighten definitions and strengthen this legislation. Unfortunately, we lost them in close votes. I will continue to work with my colleagues to modify the law, and am hopeful that with changes in the new Congress, we will be successful in making these needed improvements.
~ She is working AGAINST her colleagues, such as Sen. Levin, and voting in FAVOR of torture.

There is no question that Congress will need to continue its oversight role of this Administration.
~ No question, yet she votes to diminish Congress' role in gov't time and time again as the Bushies wish.

While we may respectfully disagree about this bill, my vote was based on the sincere belief that ignoring the Hamdan decision and passing no legislation was not an option. If we had not passed this bill, our military would not have been able to move forward with trials against suspected terrorists now in U.S. custody.
~ Once again, no idea of the thinking here. Stabenow again tries to insinuate the US was a nation without laws prior to the passage of the torture bill.

Thanks for sharing your views with me on this legislation. As always, I welcome your input.
~ She'll be getting more input from me. I don't expect a response.

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