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Reply #33: Amy, I *did* visit the website, which is where I got the e-mail address. [View All]

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IdaBriggs Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-06-06 03:08 PM
Response to Reply #31
33. Amy, I *did* visit the website, which is where I got the e-mail address.
You might even notice that I referenced it in in my original posting (which implies that I looked at the website, and didn't find clear answers to my questions).

Is there no system in place to even *RESPOND* to e-mails from interested people?

I will grant you that my *VERY SPECIFIC* questions are that -- SPECIFIC. I am pleased that she likes Al Gore. "6b) What do you think you can do to help with this issue?" is the only question where the "talking points" even come close to addressing the concern:

An environmental crisis: Even when this administration attempts to shut them down, our own scientists are sounding the warning that we may have already tipped the balance on climate change. Katrina may be a preview of more destructive hurricanes and other climate-related disasters.

An aggressive national program to move to renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies is imperative. Market-based mechanisms like emissions trading for carbon and other greenhouse gases will harness the power of innovation to get us there more quickly.

Which means what, exactly? :shrug: What does she plan on doing to help us move to renewable energy?

I am *ONE PERSON* bitching about the fact there has been no response on a forum where I'm lucky enough to have access to folks who will respond. How many of those other "hundreds of e-mails" are being ignored? (I know, I know -- working for free....sigh...)

And sending people to read stuff like this --

We must restore fiscal responsibility and fix our flawed trade agreements. Michigans economic future depends on it.

-- is a waste of time. You might as well tell me --

We must all win millions of dollars by playing the Irish lottery.

because its just as meaningful. Its nothing but buzzwords, with no STRENGTH in it. Why not say, "Water is Wet" and "Unemployed People Usually Want Jobs" -- DUH! Give me some SPECIFICS. Tell me how she is going to make a difference. Lots of people *know* that things are bad, and we need a change -- TELL ME HOW SHE INTENDS TO DO THE JOB I'M HIRING HER FOR!!! What does she want to accomplish, and how will we know if she is successful?

Keep in mind that I am woefully ignorant of how to run a campaign, so I'm willing to be schooled politely.

Tell you what: let's help Nancy get some publicity here on DU.

I want SPECIFIC ANSWERS (and not those nambly pambly talking points on the website). I'm spending way more time than I really want to becoming educated about politics, and I want to make sure that *SHE* knows more than I do. So let's start simple:

Get SPECIFIC ON THE RECORD ANSWERS FOR QUESTION ONE to start. (I will retype it in this post.) I will post her answers in GD, and then ask all the Michigan folks in our very busy forum to help me keep it kicked over in GD for a couple of days. Maybe some of the good folks who read GD will be motivated enough to send her some money. Maybe not. But its worth a try, don't you think?

So, if you are in agreement, let's start with "IDA ASKS THE UNTHINKABLE" ( :eyes:) and begin with Question One:

1) The War on Iraq --

a) if elected, will you pledge to attend the funeral of every service person in your district who is killed in the Iraqi war?

b) Do you know how many our district has already sacrificed?

c) Do you plan on visiting our wounded veterans?

d) What is your stance on providing services to veterans who are homeless, or otherwise financially devastated after providing their services to our country?

e) What is your opinion on the situation created by toxic exposure to "depleted uranium"?

f) And what do you plan on doing to help get us out of the mess that has been created?

(You can cut and paste the "support the Murtha plan" here, of course, but I hope she has some other ideas, too.)
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