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Reply #86: It does look a little selfish [View All]

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noamnety Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-06-07 09:43 AM
Response to Reply #83
86. It does look a little selfish
Previous post: "So why should I have to live my life with no children because the man I love already had four from before me. That's not fair to me."

Current post: "why would I have kids with this man ...?" Yes, that's a good question, worth asking. Sacrificing YOUR wants to ensure his existing children were well provided for wasn't what YOU wanted - that wouldn't have felt fair to YOU. If it wasn't for selfish reasons, why DID you have three children with this man? How do you see that as a "sacrifice" you were making for the good of others?

Additionally, I see another set of bad choices in your last post. "I buy them several new outfits every time they come." That is poor decision making, and reeks of bribing them for their affection. If you are behind in child support, pay the support, and AFTER that is paid for, buy gifts for the kids IF you can afford it. Otherwise, do what other poor people do - get them a few used things from thrift shops to keep at your house, if they aren't coming with clothing packed.

Also, your "facts" are making less and less sense to me as the conversation progresses.

Earlier: "the other three live 250 miles south of us. So now, we barley see the kids that live 250 miles away cause our visitations are every other weekend form 8am Saturday to 8pm Sunday and at the price of gas, we can't afford the gas every other weekend to travel 500 miles in two days."

Now: "I am always the one to pick them up and drop them off," ... "I don't know any other woman that would take on four children that wasn't hers and love for them and care for them the way I have for these kids."

First, seeing kids once (or twice) a month doesn't entitle you to say you "took on four children."
Second, are you really trying to convince us that you drive 500 miles on your own round trip to pick up the kids, you bring them back to your house, and then the following day you drive another 500 miles round trip to drop them off? 1000 miles round trip between 8am Saturday and 8pm Sunday is an interesting claim. How much time do they actually spend at your house, then?
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