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Reply #73: Child Support Laws ARE unreasonable... [View All]

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dlcloum31 Donating Member (4 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-21-07 06:34 PM
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73. Child Support Laws ARE unreasonable...
My husband and I have been put through some shit because of the child support laws. My husband has two cases he pays child support on, one case is three children and the other is for one child and we have three of our own, since from day one when child support was ordered it has been 15 years. He has been employed for 13 and unemployed for 2 years off and on. First of all, the courts never lowered the child support when he was on unemployment because they said "it would cause hardship on the children to lower the support cause then it would be a heavy burden on the mothers to have to try to change their way of living based on the fact that the support they have been used to for years was lowered". It was a hard time for all of us but the courts did not care about the three children we had to support at home. Now my husband is employed and grosses $1,600.00 a month and pays nearly $800.00 a month in child support for four children which wouldn't be so bad, but then we have to provide full transportation, round trip, every other weekend to all four kids. One lives about 100 miles east of us and the other three live 250 miles south of us. So now, we barley see the kids that live 250 miles away cause our visitations are every other weekend form 8am Saturday to 8pm Sunday and at the price of gas, we can't afford the gas every other weekend to travel 500 miles in two days. We are able to see the child that lives 100 miles away a little more often, so now we find ourselves trying to chose who we can afford to see and who we can't, beside the fact the children never get to be all together.
And another thing, my husbands child support arrears are over $50,000 now because of the two years he was unemployed and couldn't pay anything. Because he was not married to either of the mothers and because they were on welfare for several years, they stuck my husband with paying back the State for all the years the mothers were collecting welfare, they also stuck him with the entire cost of the birth of each child, even though he helped raise one of them for four years and another for two years, the court still went back and charged him child support for those years because they were not married. Oh, the State also adds on interest every January and July when you owe any arrears, so that is a good chunk of the arrears alone. That is one law that definitely needs to be changed. As a woman, I know that my husband didn't get me pregnant all on his own, I did have a little something to do with it, so why should the man be entirely responsible for the birth. Most women say "because we carry it for nine months", well that's bullshit. We might carry the child for nine months, but in the long run, the men pay for it in child support alone, beside that, they charge the man for all medical and welfare collected during the nine month pregnancy. I know the $800.00 a month my husband pays in child support does not even come close to how much we are able to spend on our three children we have at home. I have to depend on my parents helping me pay for school clothes and gifts on holidays for my three children because my husband and I can not afford to do it ourselves. And in regards to the action courts take against deadbeat fathers, my husband had a good paying job as a truck driver and when he got hurt on the job and the company refused to bring him back, the courts pretty much said tough shit, after a couple months went by and he didn't have a job yet the courts took his CDL Class A drivers license away. That was his damn job! Are they nuts! That's why it took that extra year and a half to get another job. Then he had to take a job at half the pay he was making before, but did they lower his child support, HELL NO! They actually raised it and we had to go back to court to get them to lower it back down to what it was at his previous job. And during this time he had no job, they put out a bench warrant because he didn't have the gas money or a vehicle to get to court 250 miles away. Then our local cops showed up about two months after the bench warrant was issued to tell us that they were there to give him a WARNING and that he had 30 days to make arrangements to get his ass down to the county where he had court and turn himself in or they would come pick him up. Now tell me that the child support laws are fair!
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