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Reply #6: Actually zero lies. And if we went by your count it doesn't equal 5 either, it's 3. [View All]

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MessiahRp Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-16-11 12:48 PM
Response to Reply #5
6. Actually zero lies. And if we went by your count it doesn't equal 5 either, it's 3.
1. MDP's only non-silence thusfar is saying, we're staying out of it. That does not qualify as non-silence.

2. Maddow, aside from LGBT issues has been the so-called Professional Left's biggest Obama supporter. She hammers Republicans and blames them for everything (easy enough to do) but in general she gives Obama a pass on stuff he doesn't fight hard enough for. I could counter you with a ton of clips of Keith Olbermann, Cenk, Ed Schultz, even Chris Matthews stating the obvious about Obama's will to fight and you'd ignore it. So let's put it this way. You're going to believe no matter how much Obama gives up in every fight, no matter how he caves on Democratic principles before every negotiation even begins, no matter how HE puts SS and Medicare on the table without Republicans even asking for them.. that Obama fights. Sure he does. For Republican economic ideals. I think we should agree to STRONGLY DISAGREE.

3. Back to MDP. Here's what they SHOULD DO.

Use their significant email list and start canvassing and organizing. For this they need little to no money. You send out emails, you update the website and the pathetic attempt at a FB page they have (only 4600 likes and a constant stream of 'why aren't you doing anything to help with the recalls' on the wall says a lot about how worthless Michigan Democrats find their party to be). You get boots on the ground and start helping the smaller groups that are trying in vain to volunteer this effort forward.

Then you do like MoveOn does. You use the same lists to fundraise specifically for this project. All that money will go towards TV ads that will highlight how Rick Snyder wants to take all of your rights away and believes he is a dictator above the rules of Democracy. End the ad with a strong push and information on where to go to sign up for the recall. All of this money is new money. It's not taking away from your coffers currently. It detracts nothing from 2012 fundraising. And you start to use these ads to wither away at Snyder's approval even further making this election even easier for those who want Snyder removed.

You talk with and line up a credible candidate. Hopefully one who isn't entrenched in the corporate faction/third way groups of the Democratic Party and one who believes in the concept of a bottom -up economy. Someone with a track record of fighting for the poor, middle class and jobs. When you get to the point of actually running against Snyder you'll have a candidate who is a night and day contrast.

This is not a hard campaign to run but the MDP is fucking blowing it. Snyder was considered a wannabe monarch just a few months ago. His approval ratings are in the very low 30s. It should be even lower. This is someone the state can rally behind ousting especially when you highlight his EFMs wiping out Democracy and the electoral system for the people put together by the founding fathers. Just bringing up the loss of said rights will create a fire to remove Snyder. Democracy is sacrosanct here.

But the MDP would rather sit on its hands and do nothing. Lets not highlight to the public what Snyder represents with a series of hard hitting ads. Let's not help recall canvassing efforts. Let's do jack shit.

The Chair of the State party needs to resign and the MDP needs new leadership... leadership with courage to step forward now. You rarely ever have a clearer, more vulnerable target than Snyder to work with.

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