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bfealk Donating Member (420 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-27-07 06:42 AM
Response to Reply #16
19. Ok. let's see here
You're right, I don't have the facts on why Nancy left the first gentleman's employ. There are some very nasty rumors out there though and one person on Michigan Liberal claims there will be affidavits from wait staff that were in Traverse City that apparently were first hand witnesses to the events. I don't think I claimed to know for sure what happened, but I do believe that something more than Nancy resigning to run for Congress again was involved.

As far as Obama and Nancy influencing Obama's views on the war, to me that is sheer speculation on Nancy's part. She continuously invokes Obama's name, but there is no evidence of a relationship. She is a celebrity wannabe and she continuously invokes Air America personalities and other people like Obama as being friends of hers, for which she shows no evidence of, except for the Randi Rhodes fund raiser this year. I belive had Randi not been speaking to the Peace and Justice people that same weekend, Randi would not have come to Detroit just to help Nancy. Nancy said last time around that Al Franken, Obama and others would come to town for her, which they never did. So, in my book she lied about that. Are we supposed to vote for her because she says she knows Barack Obama, Al Franken and Randi Rhodes? Is that indicative of some sort of electoral success? Not to me it's not.

Nancy did come fairly close, but she still underperformed to the Democratic base. She can't fund raise on her own, at least I don't call raising $400,000 real fund raising, when we all know at least $2 million is needed to be competitive. How many campaign managers did Nancy go through? Why are her former staffers supporting Gary Peters this time around? You'd think if Nancy was such a great candidate they'd be willing to come back and work on her team again. I have had personal conversations with former staffers, so I have had first hand accounts of her lack of organization and lack of political savvy.

Since you seem to be so close to Nancy, how is her fund raising going? Maybe you'd like to reveal her numbers prior to the FEC reports coming out. I think everyone reading this thread would be interested in those numbers. I know I would.

Nancy did have the support of the Governor, which she got before the primary, so even though she didn't get the support of the party, she did have some powerful backing. The DCCC and MDP give support to strong candidates. It seems they determined that Nancy was NOT a strong candidate. That support has to be earned, especially from the DCCC. They look at fund raising numbers and if you meet your fund raising goals, they will jump in. Obviously Nancy did not meet the fund raising goals the the DCCC sets out for all candidates to receive financial backing. Nancy didn't earn their suppoort. Nancy seems to think that the DCCC and the MDP owe her their support. They don't.

Lastly, your name calling is childish and your anonymity is cowardly. At least everyone here knows who I am. Your cowardice is revealed by your lack of revealing your identity.
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