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Reply #156: Agree, but what you call batshit crazy, I call acting with intention. [View All]

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earcandle Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-09-09 09:50 PM
Response to Original message
156. Agree, but what you call batshit crazy, I call acting with intention.
Edited on Wed Sep-09-09 10:50 PM by earcandle
That means you allow yourself to get to the heart of the
matter and find out how to be the solution for common man,
where we count ourselves as well.  We have to group around
what is good for all of us. It is clear that the leaders we
have chosen do not care for us, nor pay attention to our
standing in the world.  We are about to lose everything.

The people who say they are our leaders are not working for
us.  They do not care that our peer countries and even
countries we fund have single payer, but we cannot have it
because we are wusses. 

We have to do something that looks "batshit crazy",
but that just means our publicity will want to label us
"batshit crazy" so that we stop, out of
embarassment, to belong to such an assn.  

No, we have to be intelligent, have character and focus on
goodwill, and stage our own coup and make federal national
banks that house our taxes and pay for those services that we
vote on, and nothing else.  

And we need to do this with the ability to arouse and allay
the emotions of others, with passion that moves and calms
those who need that to join in the plight of the common man.  

We must hold up the logical argument for single payer health
care, and recognize that dishonest companies who take
advantage should not be allowed to stay in business.  We are
going to put these people and their workers on the street just
like the high tech folks and the real estate folks and all
other high paying jobbers, but what the hell.  Then we can fix
jobs too, with the money we save. 

We must fight and if they do not respond then we must gather
our payroll and sales taxes (businesses) and deposit them into
a federal national bank where we get 14% interest on savings
and pay 5% interest on loans, and we get single payer. Because
that will pay for this service.  

We will take the money away from security industry for wars in
the world to fund healthcare and the planet will thanks us and
praise our courage. These security people come back here and
use this place as their toilet, puking hatred, racism, and pay
actors to perform against their own self interest.  We don't
want to wait until it is so bad here that we hire their
services to protect us from the crazy mobs.

This sucks.  This is bad news for us that we did not get a
single payer insurance option, all of us and let the elitest
pay for the crappy social club insurance.  We can ignore them.

To not give it to us makes us pitiful people in the eyes of
the world. 

Don't accept this, please.

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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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