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Reply #93: Finally Grantcart, you seem to have met your Boundary condition [View All]

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Grinchie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-09-09 01:14 PM
Response to Original message
93. Finally Grantcart, you seem to have met your Boundary condition
For me, my Boundary condition was the ultimate appointment of Michael Taylor to the USDA.

This Monster is symboloic of the DLC Sellout to Monsanto, and ultimately the Military/Industrial/Chemical/Big Agriculture/Banking interests that have a stranglehold on our political system.

It is difficult to understand how the DLC thinks they could get away with this appointment, but it was clear from the start that they knew it was going to poke at a tender part of the Progressive base. This is why the announcement of Michael Taylors appointment was almost a muffled event. First rumours on a monday, and then confirmed two days later, accompanied by Propaganda from an Astroturf healthy food site on the web why it was a good thing.

Well, nothing is more important than insuring that our food supply is safe, and that Genetic pollution doesn't destroy our heritage forever. Once GMO's escape, which they can do without anybody noticing, we will find it nearly impossible to contain.

If the DLC Administration of Obama had at least focused on any of a number of qualified experts in the field of sustainable agriculture, one that understand the hazards of our centralized form of Agriculture, we could have forgiven the administration for ignoring the rule of law in the FISA scandal, or for not going after Bush and Friends.

But alas, it's clear that we have nothing more than a new branding of the same old shit. The DLC is a full fledged member of the Corporate America that consists of the U.S. Government.

Screw them..

As far as Batshit Crazy is concerned, my version goes like this.

I do not buy from Corporate America at full list price. I will buy used equipment, such as computers for pennies on the dollar.
I will not buy Food produced by Big Agriculture, and only consume Organic food.
I will not feed my animals GMO feedstock
I will not plant patented plants, ever.
I save my own seeds, and guard them like gold.
I refuse to drive everywhere.
I will not watch TeeVee. (At this point, anytime I pass by a TeeVee, I get a headache from the inane commercial)
I will review Historical events, and become more aware of the patterns we see unfolding today
I will no longer support the Obama Administration. I have seen nothing that makes him any more palatable than a masthead of other Actor on a stage.
I no longer put money in banks, and would rather hold it in a true, no interest bearing account, like a safe deposit box.
I will no longer be held a slave by being in debt.
I will simplify. If I need to dut a tree, I use an Axe. If I need to till the soil, I will used a shovel. If I need to square a timber, I will use a broad axe.
I have learned how to collect, store, and protect potable water for me and my family.
I have learned how to dispose of waste in a safe, sanitary manner without using 2 gallons of water every flush.
I have learned how to identify propaganda and opinion shaping techniques in all forms of media, including the trolls present on DU.
I no longer compulsively belong to any political group out of brand loyalty. (They are all owned by Corporate America)
I have learned the Clinton, although likable, laid much of the foundation for the U.S. Attorney scandal during his term.
I have learned that NAFTA was the start of the dismantling of Industry, and the DotCom bubble was just another bubble, only under Clinton

Most of all, I have learned to be flexible and untethered to the burden of material things that force one to remain stationary or trapped.

The ability to live a simple, yet comfortable and happy life is pretty Batshit Crazy for most people stuck in the Rat Race, but it's the best way I know to screw the Corporations and their wholly owned Government partners out of the fruits of my labor.

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