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Reply #45: Your ignorance of health care outside of the US is staggering [View All]

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grantcart Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-09-09 10:47 AM
Response to Reply #31
45. Your ignorance of health care outside of the US is staggering

1) Germany and Netherlands do not have a public option

Working for the United Nations I lived in Switzerland. While virtually nothing, including health care, is run by the government every minute of the day is under government regulations.

Health Care providers in Swizterland operate under the same level of regulation as Electrical Utilities do here. While technically private everything they do is under government regulation, including exactly how much profit they will make.

Americans will not accept that level of government regulation. American companies, unlike Swiss companies, can bribe legislators to undermine regulations.

Finally while the Swiss have come to accept that level of government regulation (for example they have a very high level of gun ownership but every year each gun owner has to go into local police station and account for every piece of ammunition that they had from the previous year, which must be kept under seal) it does not wear well. The Swiss have the highest suicide rate by far in Europe.

The Dutch also run their private insurance like we run utilities, everything is done by government regulation, something that Americans simply will not accept and that is not proposed in the legislation.

2) Literally no one in the world agrees with your thinking

Here is a list of 60 parties from outside the US and every party, including conservative parties agree that it is a moral question and that the government is responsible for universal health care. The Swiss are particularly contemptous of our system that they all describe in a single word - barbaric.

3) Your ignorance of health care is matched by your ignorance of the Senate rules.

The Health Care legislation, like every other bill in the Senate only needs 51 votes to pass.

Sustaining a filibuster requires 40 votes. While there may be a few Senators in the Democratic Caucus who will wish to vote against a Public Option, it will be very difficult for any of them to cross the aisle and support a Republican filibuster so that no vote can be taken. This is light years away from voting against the legislation and the pressure of peer standing in the caucus, the pressure of the Presidency and the strong sentiment of the rest of the party make it very unlikely that any member of the Democratic caucus is going to risk his chairmanship and standing in the caucus by voting for a Republican filibuster.

Moreover the President has included it in his budget, which passed and, if necessary the health care bill can be passed with 51 votes as a budget reconciliation measure.

All of your comments on "math" are completely irrelevent.

4) Ultimately this is a moral issue. It is as significant as the Civil Rights Act in 1964. There were a few Democrats at that time who thought that it was too aggressive and we should go slower. Fortunately we did not listen to them.
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